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Friday, September 11, 2009

Terry's Deal or No Deal Game Report 10/09/09

Terry has box 5.

Terry used to be a delivery driver but explains how he stopped this as his wife Zoe was diagnosed with bowel cancer. His son has made a good luck card for Terry which he has with him today, and the card has the words "opportunity" and "reward" on it. He shows a pic of his son and his wife... he says the more money his family has, the more smiles they'll have

Round 1
1 - Diane - £100,000
22 - Francis - £15,000
8 - Michael - 10p
3 - Shell - £500
15 - Kerry - £250,000

Banker time
The banker's enjoying this but Terry says it's early days. Banker says he has a hangover due to celebrating as he's paid out £251.01 over the last few days!

Banker's offer:

Noel says no-one's been offered that before. Terry says this is HIS game though.

Terry says

Round 2
Russ now, and Noel asks why he wears 2 watches, and he says he has lots of time on his hands!
18 - Russ - £1,000
17 - Suzi - £10
Noel says Aaron didn't wear underpants yesterday. Terry says he's wearing some, and Noel says he knows!!! Noel says he doesn't really know about Terry's underwear, and Terry says he always put his right sock on first and he salutes magpies!
2 - Tel - £100

Banker time
Banker's offer:

Terry says he wants a maths lesson now! He says £6,000 is a lot of smiles, and he recognises the block of reds he has on the board.

Terry says

Round 3
10 - Kyle - £75,000
"OH" says Noel!
20 - Tracey - £3,000
11 - Rob - 1p

Banker time
The banker likes how Rob said "give us a kiss"

Banker's offer:

Michael says it's a good offer but there's another round there, and Vic agrees. Terry says sometimes you have to take risks and Francis tells him to have courage.

Terry says

Round 4
9 - Chapola - £20,000
Terry says that's alright as it's in the middle.
6 - Donna - £50,000
Terry says there's lots of smile money left on the board.
19 - Jason - £250

Banker time
Banker says he won't insult Terry's intelligence by playing mind games

Banker's offer:

Terry says that's a lot of smiles but not a big grin!

Terry says

Round 5
14 - Heather - £5
21 - Paul - £10,000
Noel says that was the backup we wanted to keep...
16 - newbie Mary - £5,000

What a round says Noel, but Terry says the £35,000 is still there.
Banker time

Newbie Mary knocked her chair over and the banker claims it was a trick chair! The banker says Francis should be behind a sheet of glass which we break in times of emergency, in order to get his advice. He's going to give Terry a real decision here...

Banker's offer:

Noel talks up how good the offer is, and Terry ponders about risk vs reward... Ben and Shell tell him to think about the money, and Terry says it's 3,000 smiles and would buy them a holiday. Francis says it's risky, and asks Terry if it matters if he has £35k in his box. He explains the numbers left on the wings mean a lot to him, but his own box means nothing.

Terry says

Noel says Terry was having a mental twist there, and Terry says it was VERY hard to decide...

Round 6
4 - Tristan - £1
13 - Shirley - 50p
"OOOOOH" says Noel! He says this is almost the perfect round!
7 - Ben - £750

Banker time with £50 and £35,000 remaining

Terry says he is a gambler, but this got very personal. He wonders whether he'd have got the swap, as the other box is his son's birthday.

The banker says he'd have got the swap.

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel carries out the hypothetical SWAP

He swaps Terry's box 5 for box 12

Terry says he's certain it's there!

Box 12 has £35,000

Terry says he doesn't feel disheartened, and he talks about how Aaron won £1.

5 - Vic - £50

Terry goes home with £3,000

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