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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Eileen's Deal or No Deal Game report 02/09/09

Noel says there's an interesting atmosphere at the moment because the banker was unable to stop Jerry yesterday, and the banker is now angry and frustrated! Noel runs through a few brave stories of the contestants...

Eileen has box 1.

Eileen is a retired hairdresser, bus conductress and cleaner from Gloucestershire! She introduces us to the 4 family members she has in the audience. She shows a picture of her late husband and says 1 is his birthday, and she has box 1. Noel says Eileen is looking good for 84 but isn't looking for a boyfriend!

2 - Heather - £5
4 - Shaun - £1,000
7 - Shirley - £35,000
12 - Zoe - £50
3 - Vic - 1p

Banker time
Vic comes to the table to give Eileen a big kiss! The banker says it was like watching Alan Whicker get lucky He says he has his mind set on Eileen, even though she's not looking for a man... he speaks to Eileen and they discuss a bunch of flowers and a holiday!

Eileen then spots that she's cut her hand so Noel gets out the tissues, and a couple of crew members give her a plaster! Noel says she's plastered now Banker phones again and says Eileen is a bloody player

Banker's offer:

Noel spots her walking stick, and Eileen explains that it's a symbol of her late husband and takes it with her wherever she goes...

Eileen says

Round 2
22 - Shell - £250
5 - Donna - £15,000
Eileen says she doesn't remember many names, but she remembers Don's. Noel then points out that it's Rod, not Don! Noel gets a pen out of the pound table and changes Rod's name badge so that it reads Don
8 - Rod (Don!) - 10p

Banker time
Everyone does a stretch for Eileen... and she asks if the banker's phoning to make an offer or have a chat! The banker tells "Don" to keep his hands off Eileen

Banker's offer:

Eileen goes for box 6 with Francis, but Noel blows a whistle as he hasn't asked the question! Noel says she hasn't thought about the offer and hasn't asked for the question! Eileen says NO DEAL before Noel asks the question!

Eileen officially says

Round 3
6 - Francis - £50,000
20 - Michael - £250,000
Oh well, never mind! says Eileen... Noel says this is a horrible round...
16 - Diane - £100,000

Noel says this is unreal...
Banker time
The banker says he's having a trip of a lifetime with that round!

Banker's offer:

Eileen says that's nasty, and Shaun reminds her that her husband's birthday box is on the table...

Eileen says

Round 4
13 - Jim - £750
9 - Georgina - £5,000
Noel runs through the past jobs Eileen has had, and says she was once a stunt driver and crashed into the garden of the old people's home
15 - newbie Ben - £500

Banker time
Noel says Eileen's board is a nice ladder now. The banker says Eileen is playing with disaster again!

Banker's offer:

Eileen's family tell her to do what she thinks and they run through what she wants the money for! They talk about box 1 again...

Eileen says

Round 5
14 - Terry - 50p
17 - Aaron - £75,000
Never mind says Eileen...
Paul now, and Eileen calls him Mark Noel changes his name badge to read "Mark"!
11 - Paul (Mark!) - £10,000
"Ooh no" shouts Noel...

Banker time
Noel admits to the banker that wasn't a good round. The banker says we started with blood, then there was sweat and now there's tears!

Banker's offer:

Terry says it's a one-box game but it's her gamble. Her family talk about box 1 again, and Francis says the odds are against her at the moment. Donna reminds her £3,000 is still on the board... Vic says there's £20,000 in her box.

Eileen says

Round 6
18 - Tel - £100
Tel says he'll miss Eileen stroking his hairy arms!
10 - Stevie - £10
19 now, and Eileen says she was 19 when she met her late husband
19 - Jason - £20,000

Banker time with £1 and £3,000 remaining

Eileen says "oh well, I'll still be here tomorrow, God willing"!! The banker says he developed a lump in his throat after she spoke about box 19.

Banker's offer:

Eileen says

Eileen wins £3,000 from her box 1

21 - Kyle - £1

The banker phones and says Eileen's husband came good there! He congratulates Eileen, and to show his appreciation for the way she played the game, he has a gift for her, which is a big bouquet of flowers!

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