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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chapola's Deal or No Deal Game Report 25/09/09

Noel says we are all feeling better after yesterday's game and we don't have to fear the Banker now, although he says he can feel fear on the west wing and says that Sharna is afraid of socks, and Suzi is afraid of bridges and also she is afraid of the fact that the hairs on her legs grow quicker than anyone elses!!

Chapola has box 11 today. She says she is very nervous today. She is quite ill at the moment and explains how she has had back problems and has now been told she has compressed discs. We get to see some family pics and she also has her sister in the audience for support today. Noel asks Chapola if she has a target and if she would write it down. Chapola says that they were talking about this in the green room today and she mentioned a figure which she then writes in the book. Chapola doesn't have a system, but did dream of 7 and 17!

Round 1
20 - £50 Mary
15 - £5,000 Suzi or Hairy as Noel now calls her
Chapola says she hates 13 so will take it out now. It is the newbie and Chapola can't believe he is wearing such a bright yellow shirt!
13 - 50p Newbie Cal
Donna next, and Chapola thinks she has £20,000 so wants to see if she is right!! She then changes her mind to Vic
16 - £1,000 Vic
19 - £15,000 Stephen

Banker time
Noel thinks that is a pretty good opening. The Banker says that he hasn't been looking forward to Chapola's game as she looks determined.Chapola guesses he is going to offer £7,000. She gets it wrong and fires off lots of other guesses

Banker's offer:

Chapola says

Round 2
Chapola is going to do lots of birthdays in this round...
20 - £750 Michelle
9 - £3,000 Rob
Noel asks Chapola what she did at work before she was off with her back problems, and Chapola tells him she was a banker!! Chapola picks James next and Noel asks for a cheer for the shows most interesting player ever!
10 - £10,000 James

Banker time
The Banker says that this is not what he wanted and is also worried that Chapola has a huge target, and alsothat she predicted box 20 has £20,000.

Banker's offer:

Chapola says she knew he was going to offer that.

Chapola says

Round 3
14 - 10p Martin
Box 5 next and Chapola says it has the 250 in, but Noel asks which 250. Chapola gets worried as Stevie made this mistake
5 - £100,000 Kerry
21 - £50,000 Kate

Banker time
Suddenly holes appear in the block says Noel. Noel asks Chapola if she is looking worried as she predicted the boxes wrong, and Chapola replies that she is worried about the bigger numbers going, although the sum of money she wants is still available. The Banker thinks that Chapola wanted £50,000 as she was more disappointed when that amount went.Noel asks Chapola what she thinks the offer is, and Chapola says £9,000

Banker's offer:

Chapola says

Round 4
8 - £5 Sid
Chapola says she really wants the 1p next and goes to Russ.
12 - 1p Russ
Noel wonders if £20,000 is sitting in box 18 with Donna as Chapola is getting a lot of predictions right at the moment.
1 - £20,000 Tristan

Banker time
You was about 3 feet out on the £20,000 prediction says Noel, and he now thinks box 18 must have the £100, so Chapola says she will go for that one. The Banker says he would be less concerned about the board is someone so determined wasn't playing.

Banker's offer:

Donna tells Chapola to think about this, and Vic tells her to think about it but also that it isn't what she wants.

Chapola says

Round 5
A big build up from Noel before the start of the round.
2 - £35,000 Sharna
This has to be one of the blues says Noel
18 - £10 Donna
This is now a massive box says Noel. Chapola picks box 6, but Noel asks if she is sure, and Chapola then thinks about box 4. The Banker calls and says that if chapola finds a blue her offer will be £20,000.
4 - £500 Laura

Banker time
You now know that your next offer is over £20,000 says Noel, and Chapola asks for more! The Banker calls and asks how much over £20,000, Chapola weighs up the board and says £26,000. The Banker says DEAL

Banker's offer:

How about that says Noel, the offer that has caused so many people so many problems. Chapola talks about how many people the Banker has got with that offer and she doesn't want to be caught like that.

Chapola says

Proveout round 6
Chapola says she has been bluffing all along, and Noel says he hopes that she doesn't end up with egg on her face at the end
6 - £250,000 Marie
3 - £75,000 Ben
7 - £100 Ginette

Banker time with £1 and £250 remaining

You've been spanked Noel tells the Banker

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens box 11 and reveals £250

17 - £1 Tracey

I've spanked the Banker and no one has done that in a long time say Chapola. Noel reveals that Chapola's target was £50,000 and the Banker had that spot on...

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