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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Paul's Deal or No Deal Game Report 15/09/09

Paul has box 10 today. Paul is from Bristol and is currently unemployed, he lost his job at the start of the year when the credit crunch started to hit. It happened at the same time he found out he was going to be on Deal or No Deal, so thinks it was a sign. He is planning on gettting married very soon and Noel asks if this is a wise thing with the situation at the moment, and Paul thinks it is.

We get to see a few of Paul's pictures, and Noel asks a little about Paul's planned wedding as something interesting is going to happen, but Paul will reveal more later.

Noel hopes that Paul doesn't have a system, and he doesn't.

Round 1
Paul is leaving box 6 and 8 to the end, but is taking out the feared boxes first...
13 - £1,000 Rob
Newbie Michelle next and she tells Noel that she had to wait 2 years to get on the show!
19 - £250,000 Newbie Michelle
Noel tells Michelle that everyone now wishes she had to wait 4 years to get on the show!
22 - £5,000 Donna
12 - 1p Shirley
14 - 10p Mary

Banker time
Now that is spooky says Noel as Paul said he wanted the 1p and 10p last in the round! The Banker says he is looking forward to hearing about Paul's wedding as he could have trouble if he can't open the ring box like he had trouble with his box while on the wings

Banker's offer:

Paul says

Round 2
3 - 50p Heather
Shouts of C'Mon from Paul...
4 - £250 Kyle
5 - £10 Tristan

Banker time
Noel tells the Banker that Paul has him against the ropes at the moment with 5 blues in a row...

Banker's offer:

Paul says he never thought he would have such a good board, and Chapola says that it should be a higher offer and the Banker is tight

Paul says

Round 3
Noel thinks this is the key round now and he also agrees with Chapola that the offer was a little low
11 - £15,000 Shell
Paul picks box 1 next and Noel reminds him that Francis had £1 in box 1 yesterday and it would again be spooky if it was in there again
1 - £1 Ben
2 - £100 Vic

Banker time
We've been waiting a while for a board and game like this says Noel

Banker's offer:

Jason asks Paul what he is thinking, and Paul replies that his mind has gone blank.

Paul says

Round 4
9 - £750 Jason
15 - £50,000 Suzi
I knew I would have to take a hit says Paul, and Noel tells him to remain confident.
Noel reveals that at Paul's wedding he will have to be blindfolded and kneel in front of the bride and the bridesmaids and identify his bride by feeling their knees
21 - £35,000 Michael

Banker time
That was 2 big hits in that round says Noel, but Paul thinks the board is still in his favour at the moment. The Banker says that it isn't as stable now and also the timing of the contestants hasn't been great recently and they are like broken watches!

Banker's offer:

Chapola is happy with that offer, and tells Paul this is the time where he really needs to think hard. Paul talks about the hard work that he has done in the hospitality industry and a good sum of money now will set him up and give him a bit of time to think about things.

Paul says

Proveout round 5
The Banker calls and says that here comes another broken watch and Paul's timing here was totally wrong. Paul tells Noel that he will tell everyone why he made that decision.
20 - £20,000 Sharna
That is OK says Noel, but he thinks Paul should have played on.
7 - £500 Kerry
Noel shouts at everyone for clapping!
17 - £50 Tracey

Banker time
No, No, No goes Noel and tells Paul that he made a mistake...

Banker's offer would've been:

Proveout round 6
16 - £10,000 Tel
NO shouts Noel!
18 - £5 James
Another shout of NO from Noel, and this could be the biggest disaster of all time he goes on!
6 - £100,000 Chapola

Banker time with £3,000 and £75,000 remaining
Oh why did you do that says Noel

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens box 10 and reveals £3,000
Russ with box 8 contains the £75,000

Paul says he is gutted, but says he was basically broke before he came on the show and was nearly going to cancel his honeymoon.

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