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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ella's Deal or No Deal Game report 28/08/09

Noel says this will be a very interesting game, as we need the player to forget what happened to Spencer yesterday!

Ella has box 12.

Noel doesn't look at Ella because she gets the giggles whenever he looks at her He eventually looks at her and she giggles She's involved with breasts for a living, as she teaches breast feeding! She has a soft-toy breast with her today!! Ella says Noel is like a midwife, as he takes people through the game stage-by-stage and relaxes them!

She shows a pic of her wedding day and another pic which shows lots of babies together! Her husband is in the audience today.

Ella wonders who's missing from the wings, then realises it's her who's missing

Round 1
19 - Aaron - £100
18 - Paul - £1,000
15 - Francis - £3,000
8 - Jim - £250
Kyle now, and Noel makes fun of his shirts
2 - Kyle - 1p

Banker time
Noel says that's the best start we've had for months... the banker calls Noel "Midwife Noel"!! He says he'll shock Ella...

Banker's offer:

Milly tells Ella to let the banker shock her some more!

Ella says

Noel tells Ella to shock the banker...

Round 2
1 - Jason - £20,000
14 - Heather - £250,000
Noel says the next offer won't shock her and will upset her if she takes another biggie!
7 - Georgina - £50,000

Banker time
Banker's offer:

The offer is greeted with shouts of "C'mon Ella!" but Ella says she can see why it went down so much...

Ella says

Round 3
9 - Zoe - £10
6 - Michael - £750
22 - Terry - £10,000

Banker time
Ella loses track and doesn't expect the banker's call... the banker says Ella can't count to 3 as she's used to dealing with 2 (left or right ) The banker's finding it difficult to see where the game's swinging at the moment

Banker's offer:

Terry says it's a good offer but there's a strong board. Francis warns her about the banker's mind games!

Ella says

Noel says Nic looks like she's come from the Tarzan movie, and she says Noel's partial to a bit of leopard print

Round 4
4 - Nic - £5
13 - Milly - £50
17 - Jerry - £1

Banker time
The banker says goodbye to Ella, and thanks for the memories!

Banker's offer:

"Wow" says Ella, and she says that's a kind offer... she explains it takes a long time to earn that as a mid-wife. Francis says there's one more round left... Ella gets a bit weepy...

Ella says

Noel points out an all-blue round would guarantee Ella at least £5,000...

Round 5
20 - Stevie - £500
11 - Shell - £100,000
Noel says this could still be a strong 5-box.
10 - Eileen - £75,000

Banker time
Ella says as far as the board goes, she has to go on! The banker disagrees...

Banker's offer:

Ella's husband says it's a good offer, and that £5,000 is real money. Francis says this is gambler's territory now... Ella says £35k would be life changing. Her husband says he loves her and says don't worry about it!

Ella says

Ella talks about a number she's leaving and it's her birthday, 21.

Round 6
3 - newbie Tel - 10p
5 - Rod - £35,000
16 - Diane - 50p

Banker time with £5,000 and £15,000 remaining

Ella suddenly realises she has £5k guaranteed! She says Noel is a good mid-wife! The banker says he doesn't love Ella...

Banker's offer:

Ella's husband joins her at the table, and Noel asks which of the 3 values is most important to them...

Ella says if she tries for some more, she's still taking home an amount which she can share with her children... she says how the money would help her

Ella says

Ella wins £5,000 from her box 12

Ella thanks everyone and Noel says it's a good sum of money...

21 - Shaun - £15,000

Ella goes home with £5,000

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