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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Des' Deal or No Deal Game report 25/08/09

Noel welcomes us to show 2 of the new season and talks about the great start we had yesterday with Gail's game He thinks Gail's result could help today's contestant.

Des has box 19 today. Des is from Bicester and is a police officer, and Noel asks about the tale of a break in where the offender dropped his trousers!! Des tells how he was about the arrest a chap who broke into a property and the offender turned around to Des and dropped his trousers! Des is currently single but hopes that today could change that and then describes his ideal lady. We get to see a photo of Des' friends, and also another of Des' parents on their wedding day.

Round 1
6 - £500 Paul
1 - £10 Jerry
4 - £75,000 Francis
Groans for that one...
3 - £5 Eileen
The cheers return
13 - £3,000 Milly

Banker time
The £75,000 wasn't ideal but the rest was OK says Noel... The Banker says that Gail made a fool of him yesterday The Banker would like to go double dating with Des.

Banker's offer:

Des says he came for one thing and he hopes to get that....

Des says

Round 2
5 - £50,000 Nic
18 - £5,000 Sean
Noel reveals that Des would like to travel around America and also give a holiday to his parents. Noel tries to find a partner for Des in the audience and picks on a lady but she already has a boyfriend.
Des picks newbie Jason next, but when Jason tries to open the box he lifts the whole box!! Noel says that they glued the lid down
17 - £1 Newbie Jason

Banker time
Noel pretends that he can't lift the phone up as it has been glued down The Banker is still laughing at Jason's box opening!

Banker's offer:

Des says that £9,000 is a lot of money...

Des says

Round 3
7 - £10,000 Georgina
Noel winds up Ella, and Des decides to pick her.
15 - £50 Ella
8 - £750 Heather

Banker time
This is interesting says Noel, but the Banker will be happy he has his top 3 in play.

Banker's offer:

Terry says that this is still looking good.

Des says

Round 4
16 - £15,000 Terry
20 - 50p Jazmin
14 - £250 Michael

Banker time
Yes, yes, yes, goes Noel and he has hopes for the top 2 amounts to still be in play at the end...

Banker's offer:

That is a hell of a lot of money says Des, and he can't explain it but he feels today is his day...

Des says

Round 5
12 - 1p Aaron
Big shouts of C'mon from Des, and Noel says this is great.
21 - £1,000 Stevie
More shouts of C'mon from Des.
9 - £35,000 Spencer

Banker time
If you've got the belief then the £35,000 going is OK says Noel... The Banker is now going to test Des' belief!

Banker's offer:

That is unreal says Des... Shaun tells Des that the Banker is worried that Des will play all the way to the end. Des thinks it is time he told us his dream, and it is that he had the £250,000 in his box with £20,000 left on the board. The Banker calls and wishes him good luck with his dreams. Everyone tells Des to really think about this...

The Banker ups his offer!
Banker's offer:

This is interesting now says Noel, as if you believe in your dream then why wouldn't you go for it, but on the other hand £50,000 is a lot of money.

Des says

Proveout round 6
22 - £250,000 Rod
11 - £100 Diane
What are you clapping for says Noel
10 - 10p Zoe

Banker time with £20,000 and £100,000 remaining

You wasn't far off your dream says Noel... Noel asks Des what he thinks the offer is, and Des says about £47,000...

Banker's offer:
Banker's Gamble

Terry tells Des that is a fantastic gamble with the £20,000 backup...
Just as Noel asks the question the Banker calls back! He tells Des he will guarantee the SWAP if Des deals. If he doesn't say deal he is just a big chicken!!!

Des says

This is fascinating and we will play this out for real and offer the SWAP says Noel....
Des takes the SWAP
Noel swaps the boxes and Des now has box 2 which contains the £20,000
Jim with box 19 contains the £100,000

Des goes home with £50,000

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