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Friday, September 18, 2009

Kyle's Deal or No Deal Game Report 18/09/09

Noel says he's still getting over Michael's game yesterday, and how he'd have won £50k if he'd taken the gamble at the end.

Kyle has box 3.

Kyle is a tiler and decorator from London. Kyle says he once rescued a lady who he was decorating for. She was in her underwear and had locked herself out of the house! He covered her using a dust sheet and managed to get back in the house for her!

He shows a pic of his dog called Cookie Monster, and Noel says the banker has similar dogs! He also shows a pic of his wife...

Round 1
Kyle's choosing all the ladies first, going from left to right, as he's a man of manners!
21 - Michelle - £15,000
6 - Tracey - £10
2 - Mary - £250
Noel says Donna and Chapola are getting their hair ready
12 - Donna - £10,000
9 - Chapola - £5,000

Banker time
Noel says Kyle has a lot in common with the banker, and the banker calls Kyle his brother He chats to Kyle about his dogs, which are called Scrooge and Marley Noel gets bored and says where's the offer, and says it should be £11,000!

Banker's offer:

Kyle reveals he was also chatting to the banker about Sherlock Holmes as he's a great fan of him! Kyle says

Round 2
17 - newbie Kate - £35,000
19 - Shirley - £5
Noel says Kyle's wife and friends are here now after being stuck in traffic. Noel says that when Sherlock Holmes decorated the front door yellow, Dr Watson came back and wondered what was going on, and Sherlock said "It's yellow-entry my Dear Watson"
5 - Ginette - £3,000

Banker time
The banker's jealous that Kyle's wife is here now

Banker's offer:

The banker can't work out which way this is swinging at the moment. Kyle says it's a fair offer...

Kyle says

Round 3
14 - Shell - 1p
11 - Kerry - £75,000
4 - Suzi - £1

Banker time
The banker says when Kyle gave Shell the 1p kiss, he said "I'm glad it's you"!

Banker's offer:

Shell says Kyle has a great system but he could still crash and burn. He says it's a great offer but he's seen games go wrong in the past. Kyle says he wants to be the first male quarter-millionaire. His wife says it's his decision but then says he should keep going

Kyle says

Round 4
15 - Sharna - £100,000
Noel says the atmosphere is starting to change now... Kyle's choosing the men and going from right to left now...
8 - Tel - 50p
Kyle says he's not regretting turning down the £17,500.
1 - Stephen - £250,000

Banker time
OH WOW! says Noel....
The banker says there was just over 5% chance of doing that.

Banker's offer:

Kyle's wife says he may as well keep going, and he says he's seen a lot of games change suddenly.
Kyle says

Round 5
20 - James - £750
18 - Ben - £50
13 - Rob - £100

Banker time
"YES YES YES" says Noel... Kyle says the tables have turned now. The banker has a dilemma now, says Noel.... The banker is threatening to tell Kyle's wife a comment Kyle made when she wasn't there earlier in the game!

Banker's offer:

Vic said Kyle could give the banker a spanky spanking Kyle says the banker can phone and tell his wife the comment he made, but ONLY if he increases the offer to £14,000!

The banker says he said his wife was half-brained, so he's meeting him halfway!

Banker's offer:

Shell asks if the extra £2k is worth it, and Ben asks if Kyle's prepared to play to the end here...

Kyle says

Proveout Round 6
Noel thinks the banker will drop Kyle in it at the end
16 - Russ - 10p
10 - Jason - £50,000
7 - Tristan - £1,000

Banker time with £500 and £20,000 remaining

The banker says he has no intention in revealing what Kyle said about his wife! He says he'd have told Kyle's wife he went to a strip club

Banker's offer would've been:

Kyle has £20,000 in box 3

22 - Vic - £500

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