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Monday, September 28, 2009

Donna's Deal or No Deal Game Report 28/09/09

Noel talks about last week as being a rather odd week with the first and last show producing a £10 win, he says that there are 3 ladies on the radar today and goes over to them to see what sort of reaction they will give if they are chosen. He goes over to Suzi who says she will burst into tears, Kerry says she will go 'Rahhh', and Donna says she will jump up and down and go silly!

Donna has box 7. Noel tells Donna that they have 3 things in common, they both come from the same home town, they are both the same age, and both family support workers. Donna tells a little about her job and then talks about her late nans watch that she carries around for luck, we also see a family pic. Donna has a printout of her stars that she read just before she found out she was coming onto the show, and it talks about big cash prizes for answering questions or opening boxes! She says she doesn't really believe in stars, but does when it suits

Round 1
Donna is going to keep 13 and 21.
Russ first with a turkey impression!
3 - £5,000 Russ
2 - £5 Tracey
14 - £50,000 Marie
Rob next and Noel has yet another hat for him
6 - £75,000 Rob
1 - £1 Suzi

Banker time
The Banker says he is unsettled and shocked by the stars that Donna read out.

Banker's offer:

Donna says

Round 2
Noel has a pop at Cal over his clothes and finds a hard hat for him to wear!
8 - £10,000 Cal
5 - £1,000 Hassan
4 - £15,000 Sherna

Banker's offer:

Donna says

Round 3
18 - James - 50p
20 - newbie Dan - £10
19 - Kate - £250

Banker time
The Banker says he's found his stars...down the back of the sofa on a laminated piece of paper...amid some banter about Donna winning a blue! Donna says the Banker has to entice her...hinting at the £250,000!

Banker's offer:

Donna reveals while she doesn't have a shopping list, her children do...university fees, driving lessons etc... Her fellow contestants advice her to be careful, but she thinks it's in the stars!

Donna says

Round 4
10 - Ginette - £500
Noel talks the game up..
15 - Carol - £250,000 NOEL!!!
16 - Tristan - 1p

Banker time
The Banker wishes to speak to Donna...some mild flirting aside, she tries to talk up her game...the 1p cancelling out the £250,000!

Banker's offer:

Tristan reminds Donna that she could take out all three of the big ones and crash...just as the Banker has also said... Donna hints at wanting to go on...solely for her children...her fellow contestants help her know what she definitely wants...

Donna says

Round 5
22 - Martin - £3,000
Noel wants two blues now...
17 - Kerry - £35,000
9 - Mary - £50

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Donna still believes...but her fellow contestants are more in favour of her dealing...Noel reminds her that her astrology mentioned courage...Donna's F&F doesn't think she should go on either... A sweep of both Deals and No Deals from the wings, slightly more Deals...Donna tries to mention box 13 again so Noel tells her to calm down to clear her mind before making any decisions...

Donna says

Round 6
Noel reckons that was the biggest swerve of all time as he was expecting her to deal...
Donna is definitely keeping box 13 to the end...Noel reminds us that her stars said she would do well if she was brave...
12 - Michelle - 10p
11 - Stephen - £100,000
Donna says £20,000 will do!
21 - Sid - £20,000

Banker time with £100 and £750 remaining
The Banker claims horoscopes are rubbish...unless she pulled her's out of someone else's bin!

Banker's offer:

Donna says

Donna is offered the SWAP.

Donna says

Noel swaps box 7 for box 13

Box 13 has the £750 at least!

Laura reveals the £100 in her original box 7

Noel thinks Donna can still have fun with £750...and he doesn't want a repeat of last week now!

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