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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Shaun's Deal or No Deal Game Report 06/09/09

Noel guarantees to make our weekend exciting today, and then goes along the wings to see if he can pick out the winners and losers from the contestants, and they all tell him they are winners

Shaun has box 22 today, and Noel finally knows it is a Sunday today Noel asks Shaun if he has brought along a photo of his dog, and Shaun says that his dad who is in the audience will die when he sees the piccie!! We see the piccie of Shaun's chihuahua dressed up!

Shaun has a system, but it doesn't cover all the boxes...

Round 1
19 - £500 Newbie Rob
8 - £10 Donna
1 - £250,000 Ben
21 - 50p Zoe
14 - £250 Tel

Banker time
That looks hunky dory apart from the £250,000 going says Noel... The Banker hopes this offer sums up his feelings about Shaun's system.

Banker's offer:

Noel works out the Banker's offer to mean C R A P

Shaun says

Round 2
10 - £5,000 Michael
13 - £750 Aaron
Kyle next, but he has problems opening his box Noel gets him to show us his muscles and can't believe he can't open the box
17 - £5 Kyle

Banker time
The Banker says that people say this is a simple game, but today is showing that it isn't with Shaun's system and Kyle's box opening

Banker's offer:

Shaun says that is a lot of money, but Noel points out the block of reds he has...

Shaun says

Round 3
Shaun picks box 12 next as it is his dad's birthday, but his dad shouts out that it isn't his birthday!! He tells him that is his lucky number!

12 - £35,000 Stevie
7 - £1,000 Suzie
5 - £3,000 Shirley

Banker time
The Banker can't work out Shaun's system as most people use them to make the game easier, but Shaun is doing the reverse!!

Banker's offer:

Shaun points out his block of high reds

Shaun says

Round 4
Shaun looks for box 19, but Noel points out he has already picked that one! The Banker calls and says he is going out and will be on the mobile if they need him

11 - £50 Shell
15 - £100 Vic
Noel recaps Shaun's system and then goes over to the board and points out how strong it is at the moment.
2 - 10p Jason

Banker time
WOW look at that for an 8-box says Noel, but says there is a problem in that the Banker hasn't seen his board as he is out on his mobile! The Banker calls and Noel has to run through the board but the Banker doesn't believe Noel!

Banker's offer:

Paul tells Shaun that is a really good offer for the board and to remember that he is more than likely going to take out some high reds in the next round.

Shaun says

Round 5
4 - £75,000 Terry
9 - £15,000 Chapola
This needs to be a blue says Noel
16 - £100,000 Heather

Banker time
Now we have a bit of an iffy 5-box says Noel... The Banker says Fantastic!

Banker's offer:

Noel says he knew no one would like that offer... Shaun says he wanted life changing money and that isn't it... Shaun turns to his dad, and his dad says that he wishes he asked him in the last round as he should have taken that one.

Shaun says

Round 6
3 - 1p Paul
If this next one is the £1 you are quids in says Noel
18 - £1 Diane
Shaun asks if he has to open another box?!
The Banker calls and says that Shaun doesn't have to pick another box if he doesn't want to!
He will offer Shaun £25,000 to stop now!!

Banker's offer:

Shaun struggles with this offer and his dad tells him to take the £25,000 now and walk away!

Shaun says

Proveout box
20 - £20,000 Francis

Banker time with £10,000 and £50,000 remaining

The Banker tells Noel that he wants the £25,000 and then Shaun can rejoin live play!

Banker's offer:
Banker's Gamble

Shaun gets advice from the wings to gamble, but his dad tells him to take the £25,000 and stop being silly!! Francis tells Shaun he should really listen to his dad.

Shaun says

Noel tells Shaun that the Banker offered the SWAP as well

Shaun says

Noel says that the journey home for Shaun will be interesting!!

Noel opens box 22 and reveals £10,000

Box 6 with Rod contains the £50,000

Noel congratulates Shaun for his game which split the studio, but also that he remained true to himself and played the game he wanted

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