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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tel's Deal or No Deal Game Report 23/09/09

Noel says we have a serious problem at the moment, and it started with Jason's game as he won just £10. Noel says Jason cost Shell £30,000, as she was terrified and dealt at the 3rd offer and missed out on extra money! Noel says the contestants must forget Jason, and he asks the wings if they know who Jason is, and they say NO, except Tel who says YES!

Tel has box 6.

Tel is from Chelmsford in Essex. He's a retired prison officer, and says the TV series Porridge is just like real prison!! He says his wife passed away in 2002, and he he shows a pic of his children and grandchildren... he'd like to win enough to give money to the hospice who helped his wife. He met a woman at bowls, and she's in the audience. He'd also like to raise money so she could visit her relatives...

Round 1
Tel has no system...
3 - Ginette - £15,000
22 - Kate - £250
Sid now, and Noel has a confusing exchange with him about where he comes from
17 - Sid - £5
7 - Mary - 50p
18 - Michelle - £100

Banker time
Noel says this is perfect because we've forgotten about Jason! He says we should forget all about other shows, and says this is a new gameshow. The banker says he knew they'd be rumbustious today, as he saw them on the karaoke last night!

The banker makes a link to Shell's game with the offer.

Banker's offer:

Tel quickly say

Round 2
10 - newbie Laura - 1p
15 - Donna - £1
Tel gets confused over Rob's name and calls him Rod and Reg
11 - Rob - £50

Banker time
Tel says he's using some prison terminology and says he's going to screw the banker!! But the banker wants to turn the screw on Tel

Banker's offer:

Tel says

Round 3
Noel says this is the game we've wanted for ages. Vic talks about his Elvis impressions...
16 - Vic - £75,000
Tel cheers but soon realises it's a big number and changes his celebration to commiseration
5 - James - £35,000
2 - Kerry - £1,000

Banker time
The banker tries to get Noel to talk about Jason's game! He says the £10 is still on the board...

Banker's offer:

Noel says Tel is respecting the offers...

Tel quickly says

Round 4
9 - Sharna - £250,000
Noel makes fun of Martin kissing Shell yesterday
14 - Martin - 10p
Tel does a little celebratory hop...
Tel talks about how he ran the London Marathon, and he did months of training...
4 - Russ - £20,000

Banker time
The banker says he once pulled a hamstring during the London marathon, as he jumped off the couch after an hour He recognises Tel's determination to beat him, but thinks he's wise enough to deal this offer...

Banker's offer:

Tel again quickly says

Round 5
20 - Tracey - £10
8 - Stephen - £3,000
1 - Ben - £10,000

Banker time
The banker totally accepts that Tel is playing a very good game but he thinks Tel is now at the point where he'll want to deal.

Banker's offer:

Tel's lady friend says that the percentage is still in Tel's favour... and that he has 2 reds above the offer. She says Tel knows what he always says, but won't reveal what it is Tel says! The banker phones and tells Tel to remember what it is that he always says He asks for Poirot's phone number

The banker speaks to Tel, who still remains evasive about what it is he always says! He says he recognises the banker's voice, and he's an ex-prisoner

Tel says

Round 6
Tel's friend comes down to the pound table...
13 - Tristan - £50,000
12 - Suzi - £5,000
19 - Chapola - £750

Banker time with £500 and £100,000 remaining

The banker says he played Tel brilliantly...

Banker's offer would've been:

The banker thinks Tel would've had a pop at it here, and Tel says he may have done!

Tel has £100,000 in his box 6

21 - Marie - £500

Tel says what he's always said is that if he had 3 above the offer, he'd go on...

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