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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Diane's Deal or No Deal Game Report 13/09/09

Noel hopes we are having a great weekend and that today's show makes it even scrummier! He then wanders over to Russ for a few animal impressions, but he can't do them all as he has some new teeth.

Diane has box 12 today. Diane is a little excited today, and is a retired admin assistant and says she really enjoyed her job. She would like to win enough money to take a trip to Australia to meet her childhood friend who lives there. We get to see some of Diane's pictures of her friend, her grandchildren and her mum. Noel tries to work out if Diane has a system and he thinks she does, and Diane tells him she does and it is based on birthdays of her family and friends.

Round 1
Chapola first and Noel asks her what she is doing tonight, as he could get away with going out with her and saying he was going out with the chaps
4 - £20,000 Chapola
9 - £5,000 Heather
7 - £3,000 Michael
6 - £35,000 Suzi
1 - £75,000 Shirley

Banker time
Wow, a very rare all-red opening round says Noel... The Banker says he is a happy man... Diane has worked out she needs £800 for her flight to Australia...

Banker's offer:

Some chuckles and a hiss from the pilgrims for that offer...

Diane says

Round 2
Diane rattles off her nest set of numbers and gives a reason for each one, and Noel starts to think some systems are not a good idea
18 - 50p Tristan
17 - £50 Francis
Noel apologises for the comments Francis made about the two heavy ones that Diane still has, and threw him out of the studio!! He has now put a gag over his mouth!!
3 - £5 Donna

Banker time

The Banker says that it is an absolute disgrace the things that Francis said, and Noel studies the board and says the 2 big ones are still there

Banker's offer:

Diane says

Round 3
13 - £100,000 Jason
14 - £15,000 Mary
Ohhhh, look at that says Noel...
20 - £500 Kyle

Banker time
The Banker says you can always spot a Deal or No Deal contestant when out and about as if their sat-nav says turn left at the next junction, they will reply 'No, follow your heart'

Banker's offer:

Diane says

Round 4
15 - £1 Kerry
19 - £100 Newbie James
My word, that blue produced a lot of energy says Noel and wonders what will happen when 1p is revealed
8 - £10,000 Shell

Banker time
The Banker says this is a complex board as there are 6 disposible numbers on the board.

Banker's offer:

Diane goes for some advice from her friend and the wings...

Diane says

Proveout round 5
Noel wonders if Diane has squandered some big money.
10 - £10 Russ
5 - £250,000 Ben
21 - 1p Tel

Banker time
A Banker spanking is still possible says Noel... The Banker says that was frustrating seeing the £250,000 go...

Banker's offer would've been:

Proveout round 6
2 - 10p Vic
22 - £250 Paul
One more shot says Noel
16 - £1,000 Tracey

Banker time with £750 and £50,000 remaining

Noel thinks Diane hasn't got away with this and the Banker would have offered more here... The Banker wonders who Diane is, a person who likes to be safe or is she a gambler

Banker's offer:
Banker's Gamble

Diane says that box 12 means nothing to her, but 11 means a lot as it is so many peoples birthday's... The Banker calls back straight away and guarantees the SWAP if Diane DEALs..

Diane says

Noel wants to imagine if Diane said DEAL and performs the Hypo-Swap!

Diane now has box 11...

Noel opens box 11 and reveals £50,000

Rob with box 12 has the £750

Oh crumbs says Noel, and Diane says she is a little gutted, but is very happy with £10,800 as she can do a lot with that.

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