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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Rod's Deal or No Deal Game Report 08/09/09

Noel talks about Zoe's game and how she told us about her amazing life and how her game became a bit too much for her and after dealing for £20,000, later found she could have won the £250,000!

Rod has box 3 today. Rod is from Sheffield and is a garage owner. Noel reveals that Rod is dreading the fact that his wife is in the audience as she doesn't like his gambling. Rod says he isn't a heavy gambler but does like to go to the casino every now and again and would love to go to Vegas but his wife won't let him!

Round 1

Rod doesn't have a system, but has a gameplan and he says it is his game until 8-box when it isn't his game anymore, and he will tell us more later...

Newbie Russ first and he has some banter with Noel and then does a selection of animal impressions!!

15 - £250 Newbie Russ
18 - £750 Tel
It's good this isn't it says Rod
4 - £75,000 Shirley
13 - £35,000 Vic
14 - £10,000 Chapola

Banker time
Isn't it funny that if you started with £10,000 the reaction would have been different in that round says Noel... The Banker is intrigued by what Rod has said about his game at 8-box.

Banker's offer:

That is an amazing offer says Rod

Rod says

Round 2
6 - £1,000 Shell
8 - £500 Suzi
Noel asks Rod what he is doing in his game and how he is taking his time choosing numbers when he hasn't got a system, and Rod tells him he doesn't want to make a mistake in not keeping his 8 lucky numbers to the end
21 - £15,000 Michael

Banker time
Noel asks the Banker if he has worked out Rod yet, and the Banker says that this lot are the most secretive to date with all their systems.

Banker's offer:

Terry tells Rod he has a lot of blues to hit and there is another round in the game. Rod tells Noel that quite a few people know his system and it will soon become clear.

Rod says

Round 3
9 - £1 Donna
5 - £10 Diane
16 - £20,000 Kyle

Banker time
That big hole in the reds now is a shame says Noel...

Banker's offer:

That is a fine offer says Rod, and he respects the Banker but doesn't trust him one bit!! The Banker calls back and says that is one of the most touching things he has heard and is increasing the offer!!

Banker's offer:

Rod says

Round 4
1 - £50,000 Kerry
That is a big hole there now says Noel, but Rod points at the top 2 amounts still in play.
2 - £3,000 Ben
Rod points to his box and says he knows the big one is there is in his box...
11 - 10p Francis

Banker time
Brace yourself says Noel, this is the moment we have been waiting for... Rod says that it was his game until 8-box as he chose the numbers, but now his wife and son have picked the next 3 numbers, and after 5-box the system changes again!

Banker's offer:

Rod turns to his wife who tells him he still has a lot of blues there to hit although she can't believe she just said that!

Rod says

Round 5
These next numbers have been chosen by Rod's wife and sons.
22 - £5 Paul
7 - £50 Heather
You can't totally wreck the game now says Noel
20 - £250,000 Jason

Banker time
The Banker says 'Hi' to Rod's son and tells him that he has ruined his parent's lives!!

Banker's offer:

Noel asks Rod's wife what she thinks, and she says that is good money in his pocket and that he didn't want to go home with a blue. Rod says that he promised his sons that he wouldn't go home with a blue.

Rod says

Round 6
This is a round of survival or failure now says Noel.
12 - 50p Rob
19 - £100,000 Aaron
Bang it has gone says Noel!
17 - £5,000 Terry

Banker time with 1p and £100 remaining

I think that might have blown it says Rod, and Noel reminds him he could be the 22nd member of the 1p club! The Banker reminds Rod about not taking home a blue!

Banker's offer:

Rod says

The Banker calls and says that Rod has really made his day and enjoyed his system!

He offers the SWAP

Rod says

Noel opens box 3 and reveals 1p

Stevie with box 10 has the £100

This must be hugely disappointing says Noel, but Rod remains positive as he becomes the 22nd member of the 1p club!

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