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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Aaron's Deal or No Deal Game Report 10/09/09

Noel talks about the upcoming 4th anniversary and how everyone would think that we have seen everything happen on the show now, but Stevie yesterday made a slip-up and said she would win £250 and at the end she actually won £250! He tells everyone to be careful what they say...

Aaron has box 5 today. Aaron is from Wales and is mad about rugby and sport, he tells us a little about his love for rugby and boxing. Noel asks him about his rugby teaching he did in Singapore and Aaron tells him how he taught the national girls team over there.

He has a lucky teddy with him and we get to see a few of his photos, and he tells Noel he would like to help out with his mums dreams of getting a 4x4 vehicle and a face-lift before she is 50!

Aaron doesn't have a system as he tells Noel he doesn't have the brain cells for one!

Round 1
Aaron reveals he isn't wearing his boxer shorts today as he forgot to put them on!!
11 - £100,000 Vic
3 - £1,000 Michael
15 - £75,000 Ben
Oh what exclaims Noel!
Russ next with a horse impression!! Noel asks if anyone has a request and someone shouts out SHEEP, and Russ obliges!
10 - £35,000 Russ
This is not the way to play the game says Noel
16 - £5 Paul

Banker time
The Banker likes Aaron as he is a delicious combination of Popeye and TinTin The Banker reminds everyone that he doesn't like Welsh people as they normally cost him money!

Banker's offer:

Aaron says

Round 2
7 - £10,000 Suzie
Come on Aaron find a blue says Noel...
12 - £50,000 Tel
Oh no that is a massive hole says Noel!
6 - £500 Kerry

Banker time
The Banker says this is a nightmare beginning to any game for a contestant.

Banker's offer:

Aaron says

Round 3
4 - £5,000 Newbie Tracey
2 - 1p Shirley
1 - £100 Chapola

Banker time
That is looking better says Noel, but Aaron replies that it isn't looking great.

Banker's offer:

Aaron says

Round 4
9 - 50p Heather
18 - £50 Diane
22 - 10p Kyle

Banker time
That is a very good 8-box says Noel. The Banker wants to speak to Aaron, and Aaron asks him what is going through his head

Banker's offer:

This is where it gets hard says Aaron, and Noel asks if it does if you are here for the experience. Vic talks about the big gap below the £250,000.

Aaron says

Round 5
13 - £15,000 Donna
This is a crazy game says Aaron... Noel talks about the Laura finish still being possible here.
21 - £250,000 Rob
You would be very unlicky to take out the £20,000 says Noel
14 - £20,000 Terry

Banker time
That is a spectacular crash says Noel, and this is very similar to Stevie's game... The Banker says that Aaron has the perfect attitude.

Banker's offer:

He's given you a Stevie says Noel

Aaron says

Round 6
8 - £10 Tristan
17 - £250 Shell
20 - £750 Francis

Banker time with £1 and £3,000 remaining

Banker's offer:

Francis reminds Aaron that the £1,200 is real cash in his hand and is he prepared to gamble £1 for a chance to win £1,200

Aaron says

The Banker calls and offers the SWAP

Aaron says

Noel opens box 5 and reveals £1

Jason with box 19 contains the £3,000

Aaron goes home with £1

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