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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ben's Deal or No Deal Game Report 27/09/09

Noel gives a word of warning to the contestant who plays today as the Banker is latching onto tiny things they say, as Vic said he didn't come onto the show for £4,000, and the Banker waited for the right moment to corner Vic with a £4,000 offer which Vic took! Noel tells them all to say they didn't come along for £250,000

Ben has box 18 today. Noel asks Ben if he has always been that tall, and he tells him he has for quite a while now, but is 2" off being classed as a giant! Apparently anyone over 6'8" can be in a giant club We get to see some of Ben's photos.
Ben is a firefighter and Noel jokes with him about being an expert at fitting smoke alarms due to his height!

Ben shows a picture of his car and he says it is a bit of a head turner, but Noel points out the amount of dents he has in it! Ben has his mate and girlfriend in the audience for support, and Ben tells how he methis girlfriend while on a shout attending her car that was apparently on fire but when they arrived it was just steam coming out of the radiator.

Round 1
16 - 50p Ginette
5 - £20,000 Sid
Donna next and Noel asks if she thought she was playing today, and she replies that she thought she was as she has been there for 23 shows now
6 - 10p Donna
10 - £500 Michelle
17 - £35,000 Marie

Banker time
The Banker says he is reading everyone like books at the moment, and says he likes Girls Aloud just like Ben does The Banker points out that Ben has had over one million pounds worth in his boxes while on the wings.

Banker's offer:

Ben says

Round 2
Noel says the glue he has put on the crazy chair has worked as Ben hasn't moved yet! He is glad as he was afraid of hurting his neck all game looking up at him
9 - £50,000 Kerry
20 - £250,000 Mary
Noel knows why the game is feeling a little flat at the moment, and it is because of Rob's hat! He says it is a little flat and depressing! Rob says his head has been itching ever since Noel swapped his hat the other day, so Noel gives him a new red bowler hat

Tracey next and he says he has a funny feeling this is £1
12 - £1 Tracey

Banker time
Noel tells the Banker he has been waiting 4 years to reveal that he knows where all the money is The Banker asks Rob is there a hat that he doesn't look good in, and Rob doesn't think there is, so Noel gets out another hat and puts it on Rob Ben now has the red bowler hat.

Banker's offer:

Ben says

Round 3
Sharna tells Ben that she thinks he should stand up and shake a bit to loosen up.
22 - 1p Sharna
Noel covers Ben's girlfriend's eyes while he gives her the 1p kiss
13 - £75,000 Cal
19 - £100,000 Martin

Banker time
Oh no! That was increbile bad luck says Noel. The Banker says that Ben took out the entire power 5 in the last 7 boxes.

Banker's offer:

Ben says

Round 4
8 - £750 Stephen
2 - £100 Carol
Noel asks Ben what he would do with £15,000, and Ben replies he would clear a few debts and maybe even upgrade his car
3 - £250 Kate

Banker time
Isn't it funny how this game twists around says Noel. The Banker says he doesn't like solid blocks of red.

Banker's offer:

It's always clever when the offer is on the board says Noel

Ben says

Round 5
14 - £50 Suzi
7 - £10,000 Tristan
It is all on this box says Noel.
4 - £3,000 Russ

Banker time
That wasn't ideal says Noel, but the big persuader that was left is still in play. The Banker says that this game has really put Ben through the mill.

Banker's offer:

The Banker thinks he now has control of the game.

Ben says

Round 6
11 - £15,000 James
It is always really cruel when that happens in the first box says Noel
15 - £5,000 Newbie Hassan
I am gutted says Ben
21 - £5 Laura

Banker time with £10 and £1,000 remaining

That was a very cruel climax to the game says Noel. Ben says that it has just been one of those days and there wasn't a lot he could do about that.

Banker's offer:

Ben says

The Banker calls back and says the game has just slid down a pole and offers the SWAP

Ben says

Noel opens box 18 and reveals £10

Rob with box 1 contains the £1,000

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