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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tony's Deal Or No Deal Game Report 23/01/11

Noel says we are having an amazing 2011, and the Banker is in heaven so far this year as he is saving a fortune against what has been actually brought to the table. He says that the contestants this year have been very pessimistic this year and he is really looking for an optimist to play.

Tony has box 9 today. Noel says everyone will go Whooo at Tony's full name as it is Tony LLoyd-Fisher. Tony is a mortgage advisor and says it was all going well until 2009 when the whole market collapsed and he lost his job, but he is now working for a bank, and Noel asks if it is one of the banks that we all own, and Tony says it is, so Noel says we will then be entitled to a share of his winnings today

We get to see some of Tony's family pictures.

Round 1
Tony hasn't got a system, but says he has had a lot of blues so is due a red and it will hopefully be in his box today.
22 - 10p Sherilyn
1 - £750 Leanne
10 - £3,000 Beryl
Ron next, and Noel gets him to show us his dance moves again, so Noel does a little jig in front of the gameboard
4 - 1p Ron
18 - £10,000 Stu

Banker time
Noel says that was an excellent start. The Banker says he is having a terrible weekend and there are lots of injuries around, Zowie has a strained tummy, Georgina punched herself in the face Georgina says she was out dancing and accidentally punched her friend in the face, so to make up for it she then punched herself in the face!

Banker's offer:

Tony says

Round 2
5 - £20,000 Andy
20 - £5 Karl
6 - £35,000 Georgina

Banker time
Noel tells a story about Tony, where he received a certificate from the RSPB for rescuing a gul from a tree, and Tony tells how he found the gul hanging from a tree trapped with some fishing line. Tony then says that later the following week he was in the town center and a gul swooped down and hit him! He thinks it was the same gul saying thanks!

Banker's offer:

Tony says he has had a great time on the show and he sees his game as a no loss bet as he hasn't put anything down, but the Banker calls and says that he will have lost something and it will be the £11,500 he is about to turn down!

Tony says

Round 3
Phoenix next, and Noel tries to guess his real name and thinks it is Albert, but Phoenix says he is wrong with that guess.
7 - £15,000 Phoenix
3 - £250 Dale
17 - £1,000 Dolly

Banker time
Noel tells the Banker that Tony has an air of confidence as he has the top 4 still in play so knows he can't take them all out in one round, but the Banker says he could take 3 out and that would destroy his game as there is no backup.

Banker's offer:

Round 4
16 - £5,000 Adam
This is very unusual to have no reds below the £50,000 says Noel. Tony tells Tomas to not say anything before he opens his box, as when he does he always has a big red! The Banker calls and tells Tomas to tell a story and he will give him £100, Tony says he will give him £150 to keep his mouth shut
21 - £50 Tomas
This is a massive box now says Noel
8 - £10 Newbie Darrel

Banker time
An 8-box with the top 4 is most unusual says Noel. The Banker congratulates Tomas on keeping his integrity, and says this offer will have £150 on the end to pay Tomas.

Banker's offer:

That is an amazing offer says Tony, and Noel asks how much the extension is that Tony needs on his house. Tony talks about how his mum has fostered children for years, and he loves how he sees the transformation in when the children arrive to when they leave, and it is something that he would like to do and the extension would help with this dream. Tony goes to the wings for some advice. Noel says that the next offer if Tony plays on is going to be very different, and it is either going to be a lot higher, or a lot lower.

Tony says

Tony says he hopes he doesn't regret that, but he couldn't risk it. Noel says he has heard that said so many times recently, and wonders if the man who originally said he would play all the way to the end will regret this decision.

Noel goes over to the board and shows the 4 remaining power 5 amounts and asks if any of us would walk away from that board like Tony has.

Round 5 - Proveout round
Tony goes to Charlotte, but Noel stops him as Tony didn't choose her earlier as he thought she had a big amount and he should play on with honesty! (Perhaps Noel should say that to most of the Banker''s proveout offers!!)
15 - 50p Derrick
Tony asks if he can change his mind over the deal. The Banker calls and asks if Tony would really like to change his mind! Tony says he would love to change his mind, but the Banker says 'Hard cheese'
12 - £100,000 Sophie
11 - £75,000 IJ

Banker time
We are happy about that, but it won't be enough for Tony says Noel. Noel then says this will be an honest figure from the Banker now

Banker's offer would've been:

The Banker calls and asks what Tony would do if he allowed Tony to change his mind now, in fact what if he offered to change his mind and just open 1 box at a time! Tony asks if he can do a sweep of the wings, and he gets mixed replies.

Dale asks if Tony will kick himself if he has the £250,000 in his box, and Tony says he would and he knows that you have to turn down big money to win big. The Banker starts to get impatient with Tony.

Tony says he can't risk it and let down his kids...

Round 6 - Proveout round
13 - £1 Zowie
The Banker calls and says if Tony had taken him up on his offer he would now have been offering £37,000 now.
19 - £50,000 Claire
The Banker calls and says he would have offered £31,500
2 - £500 Shaun

Banker time with £100 and £250,000 remaining

Noel asks if Tony has blown it and missed out on £250,000.

Banker's offer would've been:

That would have done so much says Tony. Noel does a big build up saying that 4 people this year have turned their backs on the £250,000 so far, and is Tony going to be the 5th.

Noel opens Tony's box 9 and reveals £100

Charlotte with box 14 contains the £250,000

The whole game would have changed if you opened that box earlier says Noel. Tony says he is gutted that he didn't play on a little more. He talks about his plans for the money he has won.

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