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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Haroon's Deal or No Deal Game Report 04/01/11

Noel talks about yesterday's game and says how Lucie had no idea what was going on. He then runs through the game and explains what happened.

Haroon has box 19. Haroon talks about what he's currently doing in his work, and we get to see a pic of his brothers and father after they had graduated. He talks about some tough times he's had, but is relieved now to have a roof over his head and so on. Haroon also talks about his mother, who passed away in 1994, and how his father had to bring them up. We also get to see a pic of Haroon's young children.

Round 1
Hannah is ill today, and Scott will open her box.
20 - Dave - £1
18 - Tracey - £15,000
9 - Matty - £250
12 - Ian - £500
4 - Claire - £750

Banker time
The banker talks about how Derrick's sitting in a chair, and he thinks Derrick's actually doing a magical back exercise. The banker talks about how Haroon is the total opposite to himself.

Banker's offer:

Haroon says

Round 2
1 - Scott - 1p
16 - Sobia - £50,000
6 - Jim - £75,000

Banker time
Haroon tells a story about how he found a wallet when he was walking to uni one day, and it had a lot of money, so he handed it to the police. Noel praises Haroon for doing that. The banker says he hates Haroon even more now!

Banker's offer:

Haroon says

Round 3
Haroon talks about his childhood and how everything happens for a purpose.
22 - Tony - 50p
10 - Mia - £100
Noel says Haroon has a distinct charm and the banker loathes him.
15 - Rina - £35,000

Banker time
The banker says he tries to think of the players as numbers, but he says that some of the things Haroon has said has struck a chord with him.

Banker's offer:

Haroon says that money would do a lot for him and his father. He says his father is at the time of life when he should relax, as he's 72.

Haroon says

Round 4
Derrick now, and Noel has some banter with him about where he was born and where he lives now.
2 - Derrick - £5,000
14 - Grace - £1,000
21 - Jenna - £3,000

Banker time
The banker talks about a prediction of an old wise man, who was a lot like Derrick. He claims this wise old man warned him about a man matching Haroon's description.

Banker's offer:

Dale tells Haroon that the £250k is still there, and the banker mustn't sway him with £20,000.

Haroon says

Round 5
Noel says he hopes Haroon can pull this off.
11 - Newbie Sherilyn - 10p
8 - Julie - £250,000
Noel says Julie had that yesterday.
13 - Scott - £50

Banker time
The banker says this offer will reward Haroon's courage.

Banker's offer:

Haroon talks about the experience he's had on the show, and says he didn't dream of reaching this far, and he says this is tricky. The banker phones back and Haroon speaks to him. Haroon says he was complimentary.

Haroon says

Round 6
3 - Zowie - £20,000
5 - Irene - £10,000
Dale now, and he says he doesn't want to open the box!
17 - Dale - £10

Banker time with £5 and £100,000 remaining

The banker says he's failed to buy the box so far. He says he once offered £13,000 on a board like this.

Banker's offer:

Noel says that's 'the Governor'. Julie says his purpose could be to deal here, and Jim asks how much of a difference the money would make to his life. Dale gives some advice and eventually says he should go on. Noel asks the others, and it's a mixture of no deals and deals. Matty says whatever Haroon does, his parents will still be proud of him, and he should do what he feels right.

Haroon talks about how the number 7 is important in Islam, and that's the number that's remaining. David says £75,000 was won on Christmas Day by swapping for box 7.

Haroon says

Noel says Haroon looks pretty miserable, considering! The banker rings back...

Banker's offer would've been:

Haroon says

Haroon has £100,000 in his box 19

Box 7 with David contains the £5

Noel says Haroon's father must be very pleased with his winnings, and Haroon says he'll just be happy he got a place on the show!

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