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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dave's Deal or No Deal Game Report 16/01/11

Noel says it was a sensational week last week with contrasting games. He goes along the wings and tells us a little about the contestants.

Dave has box 17 today. Dave is a geography teacher from Glasgow. Dave tells us how he really enjoyed geography as he had an amazing georaphy teacher at school. Dave has an unusual object with him and gets everyone to guess what it is, and someone gets it right that it is a wooden pillow, and he tells us about the tribes that use it. Dave then gives us a demonstration of the pillow by lying on the floor. Dave shows us a picture of a tribe he lived with for 2 years while teaching, and then we see some of his family pics. Dave has his girlfriend in the studio for support today.

Round 1
21 - 10p Derrick
6 - £15,000 IJ
7 - £250 Georgina
Noel asks Dave if he has mousse or gel in his hair today, and it is gel with a little bit of hairspray. Newbie dolly next and she tells us a bit about her work, but Noel says she hasn't told us her most interesting thing which is that she is a boxer.
20 - £75,000 Newbie Dolly
2 - £50,000 Beryl

Banker time
What an amazing run Beryl is having says Noel, as she has never had a blue so far. The Banker says that Noel needs to apologise to Beryl as he called her Betty in the intro! The Banker says that Dave is a fascinating guy, and he has provided 3 genuine surprises, his interest in his work, the emotion when his name was called, and also his hot girlfriend!

Noel says that he could ruin Dave's good reputation by revealing he is a fully qualified football referee.

Banker's offer:

That is extraordinary when you have taken 2 of the power 5 out says Noel.

Dave says

Round 2
Noel starts to tell a story about Dave when he was a football referee where he booked one of the kids playing, and Dave says he had to book him as tackles were flying in, and after the game the kids parents came up to him and started to have a go and then punched him!! The Banker calls back and says that it wasn't even his son when he did that!
5 - £5 Dale
19 - £50 Andy
16 - £10,000 Zowie

Banker time
It's still 3 all in the power 5 stakes says Noel. The Banker says that round hasn't really changed anything.

Banker's offer:

Dave turns to his girlfriend who says it is a very good offer, but it is also very early in the game.

Dave says

Round 3
Tomas next and he says he envys the kids that Dave teaches, as when he was at school he was told the world was a cube!
18 - £250,000 Tomas
You need top left now says Noel
8 - 50p Claire
That was exactly what you wanted says Noel. Noel talks about some of Dave's dreams, he would like to give his mum and dad a holiday, put a deposit on a house, and also start putting money aside for a self-sustaining school in africa.
12 - £100,000 Irene

Banker time
That was just horrible and very bad news says Noel. The Banker says that was just about as bad as it gets.

Banker's offer:

Dave says that £35,000 or £20,000 can do a lot in Ethiopia, and also help out his mum and dad.

Dave says

Round 4
14 - £10 Rina
Dave says if this next one is a blue he would like a huge cheer from everyone.
4 - £35,000 Tony
There is a huge groan instead of the cheer.
13 - £5,000 Sophie

Banker time
That is ugly says Noel, but the Banker says it is beautiful and the board is a work of art.

Banker's offer:

Dave turns to his girlfriend and asks if she is thinking the same as him, and that he has to play to the end now to win the £20,000, she agrees.

Dave says

Round 5
22 - 1p Karl
That's made us feel better says Noel
1 - £1 Jenna
It's the perfect round so far says Noel
10 - £20,000 Tracey

Banker time
Noel says he is really sorry, and this game has no respect for some people, and being so unpredicatable is what makes it so popular with everyone. Dave says he is absolutely gutted that the £20,000 went. Noel wonders why the Banker is taking so long to call.

Banker's offer:

Dave says

Round 6
9 - £3,000 Adam
Oh no, this is a real heart-breaker says Noel
15 - £750 Sherilyn
11 - £1,000 Ron

Banker time with £100 and £500 remaining
This not where we wanted to be says Noel. Noel asks how long he has waited to appear on the show, and he says he applied back in 2008. The Banker thinks that Dave's phone will be ringing after the show with people wanting to help him and his charities.

Banker's offer:

Dave says

Noel opens Dave's box 17 and Dave wins £100

Matty with box 3 contains the £500

That was just cruel and unrelenting to the end says Noel.

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