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Friday, January 21, 2011

Irene's Deal or No Deal Game Report 21/01/11

Noel says the game is all about timing, although we have known that for years, and you have to get the timing just right for your deal. He talks about Matty's game where he revealed his target and after some chat with the wings he decided to deal, but the Banker later revealed if Matty took a little longer he was going to raise his offer

Irene has box 19 today. Irene is a retired nurse, and she originally lived in Holland, but came over here for a holiday where she met her future husband, he is not in the studio today as he has to stay at home and look after dog! Irene has brought along a couple of sack-boys that she has knitted for both Noel and the Banker. She also has a good luck scarf that her granddaughter knitted for her. Irene shows us a picture of her doing a tandem parachute jump she did recently for charity, and also another picture of her abseiling across a transporter bridge in fancy dress.

Round 1
6 - £3,000 Claire
Irene says this is really scary, and more so than jumping out of a plane!
22 - £5,000 Phoenix
Noel says that Zowie isn't here today as she wasn't feeling 100% this morning
13 - £75,000 Zowie (opened by Charlotte
1 - 50p Adam
17 - £250 Ron

Banker time
Irene says she is feeling a little more relaxed now the first round is over. The Banker thanks Irene for the gift, he says she is an amazing lady and he couldn't do skydiving, when he was doing national service he had to jump out of a plane one Sunday, but the chute wouldn't open as in those days nothing opened on a Sunday

Banker's offer:

That is amazing says Irene, she could buy a new 3 piece suit and get her car repaired with that.

Irene says

Round 2
20 - £750 Derrick
4 - £10 Tony
14 - £100 Tomas

Banker time
Jolly good says Noel. The Banker says the great lost love of his life was Dutch, and he met her at a fancy dress party, and he took years tracking her down as the only thing he knew about her was she had inflatable clogs, and he found her after years, but she had popped her clogs

Banker's offer:

Irene says

Round 3
18 - 10p Stu
I like this says Irene, she then says on her application form she put that she wanted to take the Banker dancing, and would love to have a waltz with him.
5 - £250,000 Beryl
Noel talks about some of Irene's dreams of going back to visit Holland, and also Poland where her mum was born. Irene then tells a story about years ago when they used to rent their TV, and a chap turned up at the door to check her TV license, and she didn't have one so started talling in Polish to him and he eventually left
12 - £500 Sophie

Banker time

Banker's offer:

This is the tricky bit now says Irene, and Noel agrees with her, but does say that he thinks that is a strong board, but he doesn't want to influence her. Irene says she wants to do more charity things, and then gets Noel to try and guess, she reveals that she wants to do some wing-walking. Noel goes back to the decision, and says that if she plays on her next offer cannot totally collapse.

Irene says

Round 4
16 - £1 Sherilyn
21 - £35,000 Charlotte
2 - £15,000 Newbie Shaun

Banker time
The red block has now turned into a money ladder says Noel.

Banker's offer:

Irene says that she is thinking that if she played on and took the bottom 2 reds out her game is kapput, but what is she worried about as she said she was playing to the end anyway! Noel asks if he should just ask the question then, but Irene says that she doesn't know what to do and might change her mind, she then goes to the wings for some advice.

Irene says

Round 5 - Proveout round
15 - £1,000 Karl
7 - £50 Dolly
Oh no says Noel
3 - £20,000 IJ

Banker time
It's a fact you have made a mistake says Noel.

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 - Proveout round
11 - £10,000 Georgina
9 - 1p Andy
Oh no says Noel, you are on the edge of a nightmare here!
10 - £50,000 Leanne

Banker time with £5 and £100,000 remaining

What a contrast says Noel. The Banker says his job is to always find a player's breaking point so he can avoid this situation

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Irene's box 19 and reveals £100,000

Never mind says Irene.

Dale with box 8 contains the £5

Noel says it has been a very frustrating week for him, but Irene says she made the decisions and what will be will be.

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