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Monday, January 10, 2011

Grace's Deal or No Deal Game Report 10/01/11

Noel talks about the past week and how incredible it was, and he doesn't know what will happen this week. The £250,000 has been on the table twice, but no one has been brave enough to go to the end to win it, he pleads and shouts for someone to be brave enough to just go to the end and take the money!

Grace has box 19 today. Noel says that Grace had on her school report that she talks too much, but she has been really quiet on the wings, although Grace says that she makes up for that back at the hotel. She has her dad in the audience for support, and they own their own historical working farm. Grace says she really doesn't like clowns as she was chased by one when she was little, but he was only following her to ask the time, but she has been afraid of them ever since.

The Banker calls and says there is bad news, a group of clowns has escaped from the Bristol clown asylum, and there are a few undercover ones lurking in the studio!

Grace shows us her collection of dance medals she won when she was younger, and then shows a picture of the football team she is in which is her new passion. We also see a picture of her son and she gets a little emotional over being away from him.

Round 1
5 - £15,000 Irene
Noel tells everyone not to groan at the £15,000, as it is fine if that is the highest this round. Grace struggles to pick a box so Noel tells her to use the ugly system and pick the ugly people first!
13 - £35,000 Dave
Grace asks Derrick what he thinks about his box, and he thinks he has a red so Grace leaves him for a while.
16 - £1,000 Beryl
14 - 1p Hannah
3 - £10,000 Tony

Banker time
Only 1 blue says Noel, but Grace points out it was the 1p though. The Banker says there is good news as the clowns are under control, and he promises that no clowns will creep up behind her during the show to put her off!

Banker's offer:

Grace says

Round 2
8 - £75,000 Rina
Oh what a shame says Noel, you have got to be able to get a blue
6 - £750 Andy
17 - £20,000 Zowie

Banker time
Oh no, look at that says Noel, there are only 5 reds remaining. The Banker says the offer has to go down now, but he thinks Grace is lovely and he doesn't want her to take this personally, so he is going to phone back and wants Grace to take his call personally, but a different phone rings and it is in Noel's extension area! Grace goes around the back of the set and there is one of the clowns heads there from the specials shows sitting on Noel's chair!

Banker's offer:

Grace thinks about the offer and turns around to look at the wings and there is another clowns head sitting in Grace's postion on the wings!

Grace says

Round 3
15 - £250 Claire
4 - £1 Sherilyn
This is a lot better says Noel. Grace says everytime she looks at the clown she says something horrible to him in her head and has picked a blue. Noel wonders if the Banker's game play has backfired on him.
7 - £3,000 Matty

Banker time
The Banker is a little worried that his clown games have backfired on him.

Banker's offer:

Grace asks if that is the real offer. Noel asks what Grace would do with any winnings, and she replies that she would love to put down a deposit on a house. Grace goes to the wings for some advice and everyone thinks there is another round in the game. Grace's dad tells her to take her time and keep focused, it is her day and her game.

Grace says

Round 4
11 - £5,000 Newbie Karl
That's a shame says Noel.
1 - £100,000 Jenna
Oh no, what bad luck exclaims Noel.
20 - £250,000 Scott

Banker time
Unbelievable says Noel, that is a frightening 8-box. Noel talks about all the power 5 amounts that have come to the table so far this year, and the £50,000 is the only one that hasn't appeared yet. The Banker says that Grace was very unlucky there as there was only a 5% chance of doing that.

Banker's offer:

Dave wonders if the Banker would allow Grace to play on 1-box at time here. The Banker calls back and says he likes a deal, but would normally want something in return as that would put Grace in a strong postion, but as he has played games with the clowns he is prepared to allow Grace to play on 1-box at a time without Grace giving up anything. Grace gets a lot of advice from her dad and the wings.

Grace really struggles with this decision, and the Banker calls back and says if Grace takes out any blue the next offer will be £1,750

Grace says

Noel says that bad luck has taken over Grace's game, but she has lived up to her name and conducted her game with grace.

Noel says that this round will play out 1-box at a time as that is what the Banker offered Grace.

Round 5 - Proveout round - Box 1
18 - £50 tracey

Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:


Round 5 - Box 2
12 - 50p Mia

Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 5 - Final box
22 - £50,000 Georgina

Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 - Proveout round
2 - £500 Dale
10 - £5 Jim
9 - £100 Derrick

Banker time with 10p and £10 remaining

The Banker says that Grace is stronger than she gives herself credit for

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Grace's box 19 and reveals £10

Tomas with box 21 contains the 10p

Grace says she is actually feeling good, especially when she took out the £50,000, as she came on the show with nothing and she can do so much with her son with the £1,000, and it just wasn't meant to be on the day.

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