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Monday, January 24, 2011

Claire's Deal or No Deal Game Report 24/01/11

Noel says pessimism is more dominant than optimism at the moment, and he isn't sure why that's the case at the moment

Claire has box 3. Claire is from South Wales but lives in Middlesborough, and she's a beauty therapist working in a small salon. She has her mum and sister in the audience today. Claire has a piece of Welsh cake as a gift for the banker, and she shows some family pics along with a good luck card that her daughter prepared for her and it has box 16 on it. Greg the floor manager returns the empty wrapper of the cake.

Round 1
Noel has his 'pessometer' with him and moves the arrow about on it.
5 - Dale - £750
9 - Leanne - £10
1 - Tomas - 10p
11 - Karl - £500
Claire says "touch wood" but touches the only thing that isn't wood
12 - IJ - £50
Noel says that's the first all blue opener this year

Banker time
The banker thanks Claire for the gift and says it was delicious.

Banker's offer:

Claire asks if she can swap the box with anything, or if it has to be another box.

Claire says

The banker rings back and says if she'd taken the swap, she'd have been twice as likely to get a red than a blue.

Round 2
Noel explains the maths behind what the banker said before the break. Claire said she got an F in maths, and Noel says he's rubbish at maths too! The banker phones back and says there's been a language violation because Claire said "effin maths".
22 - Derrick - £100
2 - Sophie - £10,000
13 - Phoenix - £5,000

Banker time
The banker says it's unbelievable that some people put fate before maths and he says Claire is more likely to hit reds now.

Banker's offer:

Claire says

Round 3
15 - Dolly - £35,000
21 - Georgina - £250,000
14 - £5

Banker time
The banker says this game peaked too soon.

Banker's offer:

The banker rings back and asks about a figure that Claire had in mind, and she tells him that it's £18,000! Noel says he's really surprised that she was silly enough to tell him! Karl gives some advice but she misunderstands.

Claire says

Round 4
7 - Stu - £15,000
Claire talks about the boxes she's keeping to the end. She talks about how she's quite lucky and Noel reminds her about how she burned her kitchen down! She tells a story about how she had a chip pan fire and she talks about how she managed to put it out and she ended up standing outside in a see through nighty.
10 - newbie Ade - £1,000
20 - Sherilyn - £50,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Claire's mum says she needs to go for it now. The banker phones back and tells Claire not to get her fingers burnt and that he can see through her! Claire's mum and sister ask what she'd regret more in terms of the game. Claire says the money is massive to her but she'd kick herself if she dealt and had a big value in her box.

Claire says

Round 5
17 - Andy - £1
19 - Shaun - £3,000
18 - Adam - £75,000

Banker time
The banker says Claire is slipping ever closer to winning a low blue.

Banker's offer:

Claire says this is hard. Her mum advises her that the money would get her a car or holiday but wouldn't change her life. Ade says she has to seriously consider going on, and she says she's had a lot of big values recently and wonders why she can't have one today.

Noel's about to answer the question when the banker phones and tells her not to risk going home with a blue, as it'd be so embarrassing.

Claire says

Round 6
4 - Ron - 50p
6 - Darrel - £20,000
Claire gets very emotional and says she didn't imagine her game would be like this, and she says she can't take a blue home. The banker rings back and says Claire's just made another wrong decision.

The banker makes an offer now.

Banker's offer:

Claire immediately goes for box 8.

Claire says

8 - Zowie - £100,000

Banker time with 1p and £250 remaining

The banker says if the last box had been blue, the offer would've been the £18,000 that Claire mentioned earlier.

Banker's offer:

Claire says

Noel says there are 33 members of the 1p club

Claire wins £250 from her box 3

Box 16 with Beryl contains the 1p

Claire says £250 is more than she came with and she's had an experience and made great friends

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