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Friday, January 28, 2011

Derrick's Deal or No Deal Game Report 28/01/11

Noel says the role of the pilgrims is very important, as it really lifts the atmosphere when the player gets the pilgrims on side. He compares Dale rushing around on his wheelchair, and Andy with his torn and stained lucky underpants.

Derrick has box 9. Derrick is from Jamaica but now lives in Frome. He explains how he ended up coming to the UK many years ago, and used to be a market trader. We get to see a pic of Derrick when he worked on tower cranes in Bristol. Derrick has a soft toy of a Jamaican man with him, and he says it's called Vincent! Noel talks to Derrick about what it's like up the cranes, and he says you can stay up there for No. 1s, but have to come down for No. 2s. He says he once did a No. 1 from up there, and he saw some women below wiping something from their faces.

We get to see a personalised good luck card that Derrick's step grandchildren made for him.

Round 1
Derrick warms up the audience before the game begins...
14 - Stu - £3,000
22 - Charlotte - £10,000
4 - Dylan - £1
Noel calls Dylan "Bob"
3 - Tomas - 10p
16 - Adam - £5,000

Banker time
The banker says he's going to worry the next time there's a crane about and it seems to be raining when it's sunny.

Banker's offer:

Derrick says that's lovely

Derrick says

Round 2
Noel introduces us to Derrick's wife who's in the audience today. Sherilyn now, and she says Derrick smells gorgeous so Derrick kisses him. :lol
11 - Sherilyn - £15,000
2 - Phoenix - £250,000
19 - Leanne - £500

Banker time
Noel talks about how Derrick would like to cut down on his taxi driving which is what he currently does, and he has to regularly take a siesta. Noel reminds us of when Derrick fell asleep during a very tense game recently.

Banker's offer:

Derrick says there's hard work still to do.

Derrick says

Round 3
Vicki now, and Noel says she's met Derrick before as she works for the anti-social behaviour department at the local council.
8 - Vicki - £35,000
Derrick whips the audience up...
6 - Georgina - £100,000
10 - Ron - 1p

Banker time
The banker says it was beautiful watching that last round with all the whooping and the 1p kiss!

Banker's offer:

Derrick says

Round 4
Noel says Derrick had a traumatic build-up to his audition, as the week before, he was eating a sandwich in his cab, then he threw it out of the window without realising one of his teeth had come out in it.

Newbie Patricia now, and she talks about her multiple spouses, and she'd like to organise a nose job for her current one.

13 - newbie Patricia - 50p
Beryl now and she says she's been married 62 years
21 - Beryl - £50,000
18 - Karl - £50

Banker time
The banker says he likes Patricia's attitudes towards her ex-husbands.

Banker's offer:

Noel asks Derrick's wife and she says he knows what he'll do. Derrick says his older brother has Parkinson's disease and he'd like to be able to buy some equipment to help him. He asks Shaun who talks about positivity and Ade says he has to go with his heart and there's another round in it. He asks a few others and they also agree. Georgina says Andy said he felt pressured by the pilgrims and other contestants to go on and he regretted not dealing earlier.

Derrick says

Round 5
1 - Peter - £10
7 - Sophie - £5
Noel says pulling out the £750 rather than the £1,000 would be a good psychological advantage.
20 - Dolly - £100

Banker time
The banker says there was a <2% chance of doing what Derrick just did. Derrick puts his soft toy on his head and leaves everyone perplexed.

Banker's offer:

Derrick talks about the ups and downs he's had this year, and says this is definitely an up. He talks about how he doesn't have the stamina of Andy yesterday, but he likes the look of the £75,000. He wonders if the banker can hear, and the banker rings up and tells Derrick to be sensible and live to fight another day, and he says this offer is a lifeline. He says the £75k going will cause the offer to be much lower than £12,000.

Derrick says he's enjoying the quiet in the studio now.

Derrick says

Round 6 - proveout
17 - IJ - £20,000
Good news, says Noel
12 - Darrel - £75,000
Derrick runs around yelling that he's spanked the banker.
15 - Shaun - £750

Banker time with £250 and £1,000 remaining...

The banker says he hates the image of Derrick spanking him.

Banker's offer would've been:

Derrick has £1,000 in his box 9

Box 5 with Ade contains the £250

Noel says Derrick turned a £1,000 box into £12,000 and Derrick says he feels very, very happy.

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