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Friday, January 14, 2011

Mia's Deal or No Deal Game Report 14/01/11

Noel says what an amazing week it has been, and talks about yesterday's game and says that DoND is all about fine lines, and unfortunately yesterday Scott crossed that fine line and missed out on £20,000 and went home with 50p.

Mia has box 18 today. Mia is a nurse, she has been qualified for about 2 weeks after 3 years of training. Mia has some flowers that Andy bought for her to cheer her up a little. We see a picture of Mia diving in Mexico, but Mia says she doesn't like fish and only did the dive as her friend wanted to do it, but she ended up having a panic attack and spent the day on the boat. The Banker calls and asks if she is afraid of anything else, and Mia says she also hates ducks and birds! The Banker says that he won't use any of that info against her. Mia says she has problems on a Friday as it is fish and chip day at the hospital and she struggles to dish them out! We then get to see some of Mia's family pics, and she has her mum and nan in the audience for support.

Round 1
4 - £5 Ron
Noel tells Mia to pace herself as she gets really excited about the blue going!
8 - £35,000 Matty
9 - 10p IJ
1 - 50p Georgina
Newbie Adam next and Noel reveals that Adam wants a nose job!
7 - £250 Newbie Adam

Banker time
That's a good start says Noel. The Banker asks if Mia remembers Grace's game when she didn't like clowns and all those clowns suddenly appeared in the studio, and there is bad news as lots of ducks have escaped today and they took lots of fish with them!

Banker's offer:

Mia says

Round 2
13 - £10,000 Derrick
Sophie next and Noel tries to remember her nickname, and she tells him it is 'Falt-out' as she says it all the time.
3 - £3,000 Sophie
20 - £500 Irene

Banker time
The Banker agrees that Andy does look like the chap from American Pie, and he tells Andy not to do that thing with a Mc Donald's apple pie as they are VERY hot! The Banker says he will call back with his offer, and then calls back on Noel's other phone, so Noel tells Mia to go over and answer it, there is a prawn on the chair which freaks Mia and then there are lots of duck noises!

Banker's offer:

Mia says that she is in a pickle, as that offer is really good, but so is her board. She says that she needs a new car as her car doesn't reverse any more and it also leaks oil. The Banker calls to help Mia, and says that when you are struggling with an offer it is sometimes best to return to your wing position to get some clarity. The Camera then goes to Mia's wing position and there is a fish on a plate there!

Mia says

Round 3
Everyone in the studio starts laughing, and then the remote camera appears with a fish attached to it and follows Mia around!
22 - £10 Dale
16 - 1p Claire
This is sensational stuff says Noel
11 - £20,000 Karl

Banker time
I think that was all right says Noel. The Banker says that Mia is charming, but her board rude and uncouth

Banker's offer:

Mia goes to the wings for advice and is told that there is another round in the board. Andy tells her that he could see why she would deal, but if she went on with that board no one would call her greedy.

Mia says

Round 4
5 - £1 Tony
Well that is the best possible start says Noel.
17 - £750 Jenna
Mia starts to wonder if she has £250,000 in her box.
15 - £5,000 Beryl

Banker time
That is fine says Noel. The Banker says he has only one thing in his favour now as Mia saw Scott lose £20,000 yesterday.

Banker's offer:

Mia goes to her mum who shocks her by saying that she thinks there is another round in the game. Mia goes to Tracey who thinks the same. Andy says that if Mia plays on even if she gets a bad round she will still get a good offer in the next round. Mia says she might end up crying in a minute. The Banker calls back and asks to speak to Mia. Noel goes to sit in the audience as he thinks this could be a long call. Mia finishes talking to the Banker and says he is such a creep

Mia says

Round 5
6 - £250,000 Sherilyn
Wow, that was the worst possible start says Noel.
14 - £50 Tracey
21 - £100,000 Andy

Banker time
That was the wrong 100 says Noel, and it was nearly a Scott type disaster. The Banker points out he tried to tell Mia to deal the £20,000, and it is possible for Mia to do more damage in the next round. He says he saw Mia mouth to her mum that she has to play to the end now.

Banker's offer:

Noel says that is a great offer when you consider the Banker does halve the offer when the £250,000 goes normally. Mia really struggles with the decision, and gets a lot of advice from the wings. Andy tells Mia that the safety net has now gone if she does play on.

Mia says

Round 6 - Proveout round
2 - £50,000 Tomas
That's a very good start says Noel
10 - £75,000 Zowie
Perfect says Noel
19 - £15,000 Dave

Banker time with £100 and £1,000 remaining
That is totally amazing as we have had the nightmare round 2 days in a row says Noel

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Mia's box 18 and reveals £1,000

Rina with box 12 contains the £100

Noel asks Mia why she didn't deal at £20,000, and Mia says that she couldn't deal with the board she had, as she had 4 of the power 5 still in play.

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