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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jenna's Deal or No Deal Game Report 19/01/11

Noel welcomes us to this extraordinary game, and says that something amazing happened yesterday, and he is still amazed (I think most here are as well Noel, although not for the same reasons as you!) He explains what happened after Tracey's game and how the Banker introduced a 'Double or Nothing' gamble by using pairs of boxes that are hidden in the pound table, he runs through how she nearly went home with nothing, but turned it around at the last minute and went home with £20,000.

Jenna has box 3 today. Jenna is an assistant spa manager and explains about her job and her roles. Noel asks if we can forget the game and just have a treatment now. Jenna shows a picture of her granddad who inspired her to come onto the show. Noel asks about her relationship to Robbie Burns, and Jenna says she is related down the lines. Jenna talks about her really long toes, and Noel says we will have to see them later!

Round 1
Jenna doesn't have a system
17 - £250 Claire
10 - £50,000 Irene
Newbie Leanne next, and Noel says he knows something about Leanne and reveals she is a twitcher, but not of the bird kind, but being nosey out of her window and twitching her curtains!
6 - £100 Newbie Leanne
8 - £1,000 Andy
1 - £75,000 Sophie

Banker time
An opening round like that is not good says Noel. The Banker asks if Noel has recovered from yesterday, and Noel doesn't think he has yet, the Banker says it was worth the extra £10,000 to see everyone's faces after 2 nothings were revealed!

Banker's offer:

Jenna says

Round 2
Phoenix next and Noel asks him to do a couple of his dance moves, so Phoenix dances in front of the game board, and then Noel gets Ron to step up and show us his moves
2 - £500 Phoenix
Noel asks Jenna what her tattoo is, and she reveals it is a butterfly.
7 - 1p Beryl
21 - £10 Stu

Banker time
The Banker says that Beryl has had the 1p twice now and after all the screaming and kissing when she reveals the 1p she asks what she had in her box

Banker's offer:

Jenna says

Round 3
16 - £750 Sherilyn
5 - £5 Derrick
15 - £5,000 Matty

Banker time
Noel says it is that moment now, and we need to see Jenna's 'finger feet'! Jenna takes off her shoes and shows us her long toes. The Banker calls and says that Jenna has 10 scabby caterpillars!

Banker's offer:

Jenna goes to Andy for some advice, and he says it is a nice offer, but she has a lot of reds left and the Banker didn't have a lot to say as there are a lot of reds left. The Banker calls back and says that Andy needs to be careful about saying he has nothing to say as he hears a lot over the microphones and has a lot of stuff on Andy!

Jenna says

Round 4
13 - £15,000 Georgina
18 - £3,000 Ron
You've got to achieve a 5-3 8-box says Noel
14 - £35,000 Zowie

Banker time
The Banker was right and that went the wrong way says Noel. The Banker asks to speak to Jenna, and Jenna says he has made her more nervous now. The Banker says he considered sticking as Jenna still has the 2 large ones in play.

Banker's offer:

Noel says he sees that as a bit of a result. Jenna's mum says that is a lot of money and she could do a lot with that, but she needs to follow her heart and play her game. Noel says the Banker thinks that Jenna will deal for that, as Jenna would have been happy with a stick. Jenna says she really doesn't know what to do, and Noel says the average on the board is about £47,000, so it could look as though he is trying to get her cheap.

Jenna says

Round 5
20 - 10p Tomas
Noel tells Jenna to keep calm and stay focused now.
12 - £10,000 Dolly
That is OK says Noel, and the great news is the whole game can't be destroyed in the next box.
4 - 50p Adam

Banker time
That is fantastic, and it did work out says Noel. The Banker has a confession, and he had a plan last time and wanted to make it seem sticking was generous and then sticking a little bit on would get the deal.

Noel asks how £20,000 feel, then £21,000, then £22,000, then £23,000

Banker's offer:

Jenna says that is an amazing amount of money. Noel says that Jenna has been rewarded for her bravey, but now she faces the classic DoND situtation

Jenna says

Round 6 - Proveout round
11 - £50 Tony
Noel asks Jenna not to give us a nightmare now and leave the dream finish!
22 - £1 Dale
We are now 1 box away from the perfect end says Noel
19 - £20,000 Karl

Banker time with £100,000 and £250,000 remaining

Noel says a lot of people dream of this finish in their mind, and Jenna could have achieved this. The Banker is cheering and laughing down the phone.

Banker's offer would've been:

Jenna says she had never seen that finish before and she always wanted it in her game.

Noel opens Jenna's box 3 and reveals £250,000

IJ with box 9 contains the £100,000

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