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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sobia's Deal or No Deal Game Report 05/01/11

Noel says we are really rocking in the new year so far, and Haroon's has been one of his favourite games for a while. He talks about Haroon's game and how he believed in fate and destiny, but he would have thought if he did believe that he would have taken the simple approach of opening his box, but somewhere along the line the Banker got to him and made him deal for £26,000 and saved himself a lot of money.

Sobia has box 22 today.

Noel starts talking strangely and says it is because Sobia is a dental nurse and he thought she would understand him! Sobia has been a dental nurse for 2 years and totally enjoys it, but Noel asks does that change on a Monday when she has to start staring into people's mouths! We get to see some of Sobia's family photos, and she has her sister in the audience for support today.

Sobia says she is here for some fun and some money today. She would love to win enough to take her dad and family back to Pakistan to visit their family for a while. Noel jokes with Sobia about the boxes talking!

Round 1
Sobia says she feels like a filmstar.
5 - £250 Zowie
Sobia says she has a habit of saying 'He He', and Noel gets everyone to say it!
12 - £75,000 Scott
20 - £10,000 Derrick
Grace next and Noel jokes with her about leaving the hanger in her dress!
11 - £1,000 Grace
3 - £50 Jenna

Banker time
Noel says he loves Sobia's shoes. The Banker says that every singe player has brought a power 5 to the table in 2011, but not one has won it. He says he loves the dentist with all that pain that is dished out!

Banker's offer:

That is a very good offer says Sobia

Sobia says

Noel says that Sobia's nickname is 'Blowfish', and she says that she puffs out her cheeks when she is concentrating and thats how she got the name.

Round 2
Sherilyn next and Noel says it is the first time she has been away from kids, and she asks him not to talk about them as she is really missing them.
13 - 1p Sherilyn
The Banker calls and Sherilyn tells Sobia she has her box seal in her hair! The Banker then tells Sherilyn she will be on the show for a long time now away from her kids for just revealing the 1p!
2 - £500 Irene
17 - 10p Dave

Banker time
Sobia gets Noel to practice the head movements she does when she does her 'He He's'

Banker's offer:

Sobia says

Round 3
Noel asks Sobia about her embarrasing story, and she says that one day she was supposed to be meeting her mate in town and was desparate for the toilet and went into a fast food chain and used their toilet and then phoned her friend while in there, but had some wind and thought her friend didn't hear it, but later her friend played back the message she had recorded on her phone! Noel then tells Sobia that he didn't know anything about her having that story and just guessed she might have one!
9 - 50p Matty
21 - £5,000 Dale
Sobia says she would love to set her mum up in her own curry business, as she makes amazing curries.
8 - £35,000 Ian

Banker time
The Banker says he loved Sobia's story, and she is a real gas! He thinks she will get a second wind in her game now

Banker's offer:

Round 4
18 - £3,000 Mia
15 - £100 tracey
10 - £100,000 Jim

Banker time
The Banker says he got off the hook then.

Banker's offer:

Noel says the feature of Sobia's game is that every offer has risen so far. Sobia's sister gives her some advice. Julie warns Sobia that she has had a power 5 twice in the last 2 games.

Sobia says

Round 5
16 - £10 Hannah
6 - £1 Claire
Ohh, perfect says Noel. He tells Sobia to choose wisely now. Sobia says she has to go with box 1 now.
1 - £5 Newbie Andy

Banker time
Yes, fantastic says Noel. Sobia says that is such a weight off her mind. Noel wonders if we are going to get our 3rd quarter-millionaire. The Banker says he hates this game and can't believe that just happened. He is now going to look to an old friend for some help

Banker's offer:

Sobia goes to David for some advice, and he talks about her faith in box 7, so she knows how she will play the final round if she plays on. Dale talks about only being here once and having that confidence to go for it. Sobia's sister says she has such a good feeling about today, and also box 22 has had some big amounts in recently.

The Banker calls and asks to speak to Sobia, he pleads with Sobia to take the £26,000, and Sobia says she can't really deal with that.

Sobia says

Round 6
Big build up from Noel for the first box.
4 - £750 David
The perfect start and you are now guaranteed £15,000 says Noel.
14 - £20,000 Tony
This is one of the biggest decisions now says Noel
19 - £50,000 Rina

Banker time with £15,000 and £250,000 remaining

This is going to be a huge offer says Noel. The Banker says it has been a while since he has been in this situation. The Banker says that power 5s have come to the table all year so far, so it is unlikely to be here today, although Julie has had the £250,000 for 2 days in a row, so it is unlikely she will have it today!

Banker's offer:

Noel says the Banker pleaded with Sobia to take the offer. Sobia asks for advice and Julie asks if Sobia would be happy to go home with £15,000 and if she would then she should open her box. Noel asks if it helps to think about the swap as she is guaranteed a swap, and Sobia says she wouldn't swap because of the reputation with box 22. Julie asks how Sobia would feel revealing £15,000, and she says she would be happy, but also gutted at losing so much more.

Sobia says

A big build up from Noel.

Noel opens Sobia's box 22 and reveals £250,000

Box 7 with Julie contains the £15,000

Sobia says she is speechless, but she can do so much with the £70,000. She is going to take all her family to Pakistan now, and also set her mum up in business.

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