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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jim's Deal or No Deal Game Report 11/01/11

Noel talks about the last few games, and how the Power 5 values have been coming to the table a lot, and Grace yesterday had a bad game.

Jim has box 3. Jim is from Hertfordshire, and is a retired proof-reader. He talks about his job, and says some errors did slip through and appeared after he'd proof read things! He retired and joined an amateur dramatic group and has done that for 8 years, and also learned to play the guitar. We get to see a pic of Jim's wife and his late mother-in-law. Jim's wife is in the audience today. Jim also shows a pic of his grandchildren and another pic of him playing his guitar with his mate Bob!

Jim talks about how he had prostate cancer, and Noel says that's close to his heart as his own father Dudley died in 1990 of the same cancer, and he thinks awareness of it needs to be raised. Jim has an ornament with him which is a pair of crossed fingers on a stand. Noel says he's relieved as he thought the fingers were doing something else at first.

Round 1
10 - Irene - £20,000
5 - Scott - £100
1 - Claire - £75,000
8 - Tony - £1
Newbie IJ now, and Noel says he used to work on the BBC World Service, and was used to unusual names, but he can't pronounce IJ's full name!
14 - newbie IJ - £250

Banker time
Noel says he felt bruised after Grace's game yesterday, as she got so upset.

Banker's offer:

Jim says

Round 2
12 - Tomas - £250,000
Noel asks Tomas how he opened the box without opening the seal, and Tomas calls him "Nile".
7 - Jenna - 50p
Jim says he had a dream about number 11, and says his wife wrote a postcode and accidentally put "11" instead of "H", and he also saw the number 11 in big numbers on his TV and on his phone!
2 - Dale - £50,000

Banker time
The banker says 11,000 people turned off their TVs when Jim told his story about the number 11

Banker's offer:

Onwards and upwards, says Jim.

Jim says

Round 3
Andy now, and Jim says he's the Daddy. The banker phones up and says he's got some inside info, that Zowie pinched Andy's bum and Andy responded by saying that just because she's pregnant, doesn't mean he won't punch her. Jim changes his mind about Andy's box!
15 - Zowie - £5
Andy now, and the banker rings and says as Andy is his new favourite, he can reveal the £100,000 now, and he'll get £100 if he does!
22 - Andy - 10p
Hannah now, and she says she needs another wee!!
6 - Hannah - £100,000

Banker time
The banker phones but Noel hangs up on him to allow Jim to talk! Jim talks about how long he's been married, and says his game's looking a bit bad now, but Noel says it's not "game over" yet, and Jim's still alive.

The banker says he likes Jim's attitude, and he now likes Hannah more than Andy.

Banker's offer:

Jim says

Round 4
Noel talks about Jim's shoes, and he says he bought them in a Spanish bootsale 25 years ago! He says he got them cheaply, and Noel says they're probably stolen, so he gets Jim to take them off so they can be taken to the police station.
21 - Derrick - £3,000
16 - Tracey - £10
Noel says this is a recovery if Jim finds the 1p now.
17 - Georgina - £10,000

Banker time
The banker says Watchdog had a piece on stolen shoes recently.

Banker's offer:

Jim goes to chose the next box before asking for the question, so Noel walks off and sits in his armchair behind the scenes. The banker phones Noel on his small phone and they discuss what an idiot Jim is. Noel discusses with Noel what's happening at the weekend, and Jim pleads with him to ask the question!

Jim says

Round 5
19 - Sherilyn - 1p
4 - Karl - £15,000
18 - Dave - £500

Banker time
The banker says he can't bring himself to dislike Jim.

Banker's offer:

Jim's wife says he should go all the way.

Jim says

Round 6
9 - Beryl - £35,000
20 - Mia - £50
13 - Matty - £5,000

Banker time with £750 and £1,000 remaining...

Noel says the banker is a very lucky man, as the players haven't been matched to the boards lately.

Banker's offer:

Noel says that's a respectable offer.

Jim says

The banker phones up and talks about box 11 which is the remaining box.

Banker's offer:

Jim says

Noel swaps Jim's box 3 for box 11.

Jim wins £750 from his new box 11.

Box 3, now with Rina, contains the £1,000

Jim says that shows how his luck was going today.

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