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Friday, January 07, 2011

Julie's Deal or No Deal Game Report 07/01/11

Noel talks about the start to 2011 so far, with potential big money all the way. He runs through David's game yesterday where his game seemed to contrast the good start so far, and the game seemed to be going against him and he looked destined to win a blue, but his determination turned things around and he came away with a great amount. Noel wishes the other contestants had the same courage to go all the way to the end this week as the Banker would have had to pay out big money!

Julie has box 20 today. Julie is a baby shop owner, and Noel imagines a shop with rows and rows of babies for sale!! Julie explains how she set up her business and how it is going well. Noel talks about how Julie became a mum again and also a grandmother at almost the same time, as her eldest daughter was pregnant at the same time she was with her youngest child. Julie shows us her family pics.

Julie says she is a very impulsive person, and Noel asks how that will play out today, but Julie says she hasn't a clue how her game will pan out at the moment.

Round 1
Julie says she hasn't got anyone with her for support today, so she wants lots of noise and feet stamping from everyone. Noel asks everyone to be careful with the foot stamping as he helped build the set and it is not the safest! Derrick first and Noel starts to regret asking him about his £400 dentures!
15 - £50,000 Derrick
7 - £100 Grace
3 - £1,000 Ian
Dave next and Noel asks him about his hairstyle and Dave gives Noel some banter back about his own hair
6 - £500 Dave
2 - £100,000 Jim

Banker time
The Banker asks if Derrick is awake today and talks about the interesting story with the dentures! He then thanks Jim for that last box. He says that Julie is just his type of girl, but he is a little worried about the level of support Julie will get today as he knows it will be huge

Banker's offer:

Julie says

Round 2
11 - £1 Matty
Mia next and Noel says she started off with a bit of an attitude, but she is getting lovelier everyday, and he has now toned down his smuttyness for her.
21 - £5,000 Mia
Newbie Tomas next, and Noel asks him about his ambition which is to be the oldest man in the world, and he is 80 at the moment.
5 - £50 Newbie Tomas

Banker time
Julie says she feels pretty good about this. The Banker says that Julie has created a great atmosphere in the studio

Banker's offer:

Julie says

Round 3
18 - £3,000 Scott
19 - £75,000 Irene
16 - £10 Rina

Banker time
Noel talks about some of Julie's dreams, she would like to pay off her mortgage, but would also like to put some aside for her future teeth! She says she doesn't do false teeth, and has always said she would like hers screwed in as she just hates them! The Banker says that Julie is teethist The Banker says he doesn't have a problem with teeth and eating as he has staff to chew the food for him! He says he has a polygrip on the game now

Banker's offer:

Julie talks about the possibilities in the next round, and everyone on the wings tell her she knows what she is going to do now. Julie says that £9,000 would do a lot for her and her family.

Julie says

Round 4
22 - £15,000 Jenna
You need to get up to the top left says Noel
13 - 10p Zowie
14 - £35,000 Hannah

Banker time
Julie says that is fine, and Noel thinks that she is a real optimist to see it like that, as there is a big hole on the right of the board and the 1p is still looming there. The Banker thinks that himself and Julie have been in tune with each other while she has been on the wings with the advice she has given her fellow contestants.

Banker's offer:

Julie says she was not expecting that at all, and she goes to the wings for advice. She says she was expecting the offer to go down and that would have made this decision very easy. She says she would be devastated to deal now and then go on to find the £250,000 was sitting in her box. Zowie says that in Julie's heart she really knows what she is going to do, but Julie says that she really doesn't at the moment. Julie says that her heart is telling her that if she plays on she will take out 1 red and 2 blues, but she doesn't know what red will go and that is what is causing her problems. Derrick says that so far this year there hasn't been a blue brought to the pound table.

The Banker calls back and says that Ian is totally right in that there probably won't be a huge rise in the offer even if she pulls out an all-blue round as her backup red is only £20,000

Julie says

Round 5 - Proveout round
Noel reveals that Julie said she is devastated that she has dealt!
17 - £10,000 Tony
Noel says that doesn't really prove anything
10 - £5 Dale
9 - £250 Tracey

Banker time
You said you would do exactly that says Noel, that is just going to make this so painful. Noel tells the Banker he has to be honest here as he said the offer wouldn't have gone up much with 3 blues going.

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6
1 - 50p Sherilyn
How much worse can this get asks Noel.
4 - £250,000 Claire
8 - £20,000 Georgina

Banker time with 1p and £750 remaining

What a shame we can't flip those last 2 around says Noel

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Julie's box 20 and reveals £750

Andy with box 12 contains the 1p

Julie says she will be buying her daughter a few things, and also doing her drive, but Noel asks about putting money aside for her teeth!

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