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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Please make it live

One of the most visited pages on this blog is my appeal to Endemol to make this a live show. I have repeated this appeal from time to time in other articles. and of course there have been comments of opposition from a number of people, some connected with the show.

The viewing figures for the show have come off their peak of 5 million some months ago and as of 14th May 2006 it seems the average number of daily viewers is around 3.5 million . Of course this is still good but it is going the wrong way, and if cost is an argument against making DOND a live show, then the producers will attract higher adverising revenues with higher daily viewing figures (and hopefully avoid having to work with The Sun). As for logistics, just make it happen - it is not impossible.

My point is that a truly live show with all of its warts, mis-cues, unexpected events and so on, will keep DOND fresh, and viewing figures of 5 million will be looked on as a good start.

Of course I don't care about advertising revenues nor DOND's profitability, but I do want to make sure that the show remains entertaining for ME, and I am sure I am not alone. If it does not become live then sooner or later I will tire of it, in fact there has been the oddd occasion already when I have tired of it - Lofty on Tuesday being the most recent example.

Finally I am not a gambler (in the same way that an ex-smoker is not a smoker), but the UK is on the verge of opening up like Las Vegas with a super casino, and 17 other complexes planned (Who is out there asking for this?). DOND gives an insight into mans' impotence in the face of odds, and in a perverse way may actually help stem the tide of gambling addiction that threatens to engulf us. But if it is not live, more and more people will become bored and switch away.


Mister Al said...

of course there have been comments from a number of people, either connected with the show, or from allied industries, opposed to the idea.

As somebody who has provided some of the comments opposing your idea, I'd like to make it clear that I'm just a fan like anybody else. I have no connection with the show, and I'm not part of any 'allied industry'. Thank you.

√Ćain said...

Duly noted Mr Al, please accept my aplogies, I have amended the main post accordingly. I am not sure why I gained the impresion you were connected to DOND, certainly no offence was intended. Whether you are connected with DOND or not, your contributions are always welcome.