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Monday, May 08, 2006

A letter to Noel

Dear Noel,

First, please accept my commiserations on not being awarded a BAFTA last night.

In the same way as the banker makes 'trap' offers, you really should not have gone to the awards ceremony - this had trap written all over it. Did you look at the BAFTA committee for television awards? You can't go around saying bad things about Aunty Beeb and expect to get away with it, ask Tony Blair.

You were not supposed to get back up after the BBC knocked you down.

Whether you like it or not Noel, you are a renegade; your power exists with the people, not the pseudo-intelligencia. You have 5 million viewers per day watching DOND - a program that is screened 6 days per week, every week of the year so far - it probably makes you the most watched man in the UK. And therein lies your recognition; not the marble halls of press and media barons, and certainly not the gloating news channels of the BBC.

You were reported as having said that 'the BAFTA nomination was the highlight of your broadcasting career'. Now you didn't really mean that did you? I'll bet you bang your head against a wall everytime you think about it.

You are at the top of Table Mountain, there is no peak.

PS Gaz was there too, see his comment!


gaz99er said...

I was so fortunate to be invited to the Bafta's by Pioneer - wow! All I can say that if the Bafta was to be awarded by the awaiting crowd outside the Grovesnor or even by Noels peers inside, judging by the response he received he was the real winner of the night!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame you didn't win the BAFTA. Your contribution to popular broadcasting in the past year far outstrips the other nominees.
But, despite what ICIFM says, you were right to attend. You were seen among industry professionals and your peers. Good for networking and showing your face to people who probably don't tune in at 4.15 each day (or 6.10).