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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yvonne's Deal or No Deal Game Report 31/05/11

Yvonne has box 6 today. Yvonne's nickname is "Spidey" because she looks like a spider monkey. She's a chef at a nursery, and the children in the nursery have sent her a good luck card. She has husband Lee, her son, and his girlfriend in the audience for support today.

Yvonne had breast cancer at the age of 22. It came back when she was older and she had to spend her first christmas with her partner in hospital. She's now in the clear. She tells Noel he looks "really scrummy".

Round 1
Yvonne gets her family to pick boxes 18 and 22 to leave until the end.
4 - Iain - £1,000
3 - Zoileka - £10
1 - G - £75,000
11 - Anthony - £250,000
"You're rubbish" says Yvonne.
7 - Olga - £50,000

Banker time.
The banker is feeling on form. The banker tells Lee off for telling Yvonne she looks like a spider monkey. We are treated to a photo of one! The banker agrees she's small but strong but the board is on his side.

Banker's offer:

Yvonne wants to know when she can have her tea.

Yvone says

Round 2
Noel promises a revelation about Lee that Yvonne does not know. Noel and Yvonne agree that she's rubbish at this game. She adds box 8 to an ever increasing list of boxes she's leaving.
2 - Matt - £15,000
9 - Daryll - 10p
14 - Annette - £5,000

Banker time.
The revelation first. Yvonne doesn't know what her husband does for a living! Noel asks: "He renews people's gas supplies". Yvonne says when she asks he's still talking 10 minutes later and she loses interest.

The banker says he feels a bit more sympathy for Lee now.

Banker's offer:

Yvonne says

Round 3
Noel reiterates the boxes she can't pick and she appears confused. She has letters after her name apparantly. Noel suggests "TWIT". Noel gets Adam to pick one...
10 - Sam - £10,000
5 - Tony - £100
16 - Poppy - £5

Banker time.
Noel is comfy on the floor so gets Yvonne to get the phone. Yvonne picked the phone up and wiped it on her dress. Noel is unimpressed. The banker says there's now some money in the game and she might take it, even if she doesn't realise she'd be doing it.

Banker's offer:

Yvonne never realised people asked Noel to ask them to ask the question.

Yvonne says

Round 4
Charlie says he had a big red yesterday so is due a low blue.
20 - Charlie - £100,000
19 - Stacey - £50
Yvonne says if she has £35,000 in her box it'll all be good in the end. The banker rings and says in the six years he's been here and is almost on the verge of offering her money to get on with it and open a box.
17 - Leroy - £35,000

Banker time.

Banker's offer:

There's still smile money there says Noel.

Yvonne says

Round 5
Yvonne told her husband she needed 45 outfits for the show. The actual number is 15. She thought if she didn't win the game she'd at least get 45 outfits from it. 12, 15 and 21 are coming up for various reasons. Lee now says she should choose 22. They start arguing over it. She's now on about finding it harder now there's less boxes.
12 - Emma - £1
15 - Beryl-Anne - £500
21 - Jonny - 50p

Banker time.
Genius says the banker. The fact she's got him to the point he's willing to pay almost anything to get rid of her. Yvonne suggests £19,000. He says he's thinking about it.

Banker's offer:

Good offer says Lee. Yvonne says £2,000 is nice, but she'd be over the moon with £20,000. Her family tell her to go for it.

Yvonne says

Round 6
22 - Irene - £20,000
8 - Danni - £3,000
She knew she should have saved it...
13 - John - 1p

Banker time with £250 and £750 remaining

The banker says she's been incredibly unlucky.

Banker's offer:

Yvonne says

Noel opens Yvonne's box 6 and reveals £250

Box 18 with Ade contains the £750

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