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Friday, May 20, 2011

Becks' Deal or No Deal Game Report 20/05/11

Becks has box 19. Becks is from London, and she shows a pic of her daughter. She says it was a shock when her daughter arrived, and she also has a cross with her as her dad's a pastor of a church.

Becks says she has an ambition to eventually take over her uncle's shop.

Round 1
Stacey first, and she says her tortoise has died! She then says she's joking, and Noel says he's tempted to throw her out!
9 - Stacey - £15,000
4 - Yvonne - £1
6 - Kerry-Anne - £10
16 - Carole - £1,000
10 - Tony - £250,000

Banker time
The banker says he's been looking forward to Becks' game. He talks about the dance the contestants do as the title music plays, and in particular the dance Tony does.

Banker's offer:

Becks says

Round 2
Noel talks to Becks about all the piercings and tattoos she has, including a piercing in her tongue! Becks says she has a fear of cardboard, and Noel talks about how she's playing a game with boxes! She says she specifically hates boxes that have stock in them. Noel says he'll take her phobia seriously, and then he writes a message on a piece of corrugated card for her.
5 - Ade - £50
14 - Danni - 50p
Becks is keeping 2 and 22, as 2nd Feb is the birthday of her nan.
18 - Irene - £5
Noel asks Irene about phobias, and she says she has none, except a slight fear of snakes! She reveals she once kissed a crocodile as it looked sad and lonely.

Banker time
The banker tells Becks to look straight ahead, and don't look behind, and Noel pretends there's something horrible behind her.

Banker's offer:

Becks says she has big ambitions.

Becks says

Round 3
11 - Dom - 10p
Noel says every box has been low since she took £250k out.
8 - Sam - £250
Noel appears wearing a strange blue and black wig to match the blue highlights in Becks' black hair!!
17 - Lucy - £500

Banker time
The banker says it can take a while to claw back to 5 figures when you hit the £250k. Noel says it says in Becks' file that she has trouble with big words, and Noel uses some big words to confuse her.

Banker's offer:

George reminds Becks of Toby's game.

Becks says

Round 4
1 - Matt - £35,000
Jonny next, and Noel speaks to him about how he's a naked waiter! Jonny promises to give us a demo if this is 1p!
3 - Jonny - £50,000
Rob next, and Noel asks him if he goes naked when he does his job at the Chinese restaurant!
13 - Rob - £10,000

Banker time
The banker says this is less money, but it'd take more courage to decline it.

Banker's offer:

Lucy says Becks could do a lot with £13,000, and the others offer her some advice.

Becks says

Round 5
Noel says Becks has ambitions to buy her own home for her and her daughter.
7 - George - £20,000
Becks chooses Annette, the banker rings and says Becks can't do it, and advises against going with Annette.
15 - Annette - £100,000
The banker rings back and says "I told you so" and wishes her good luck with the final box, and guarantees she'll win 1p if this is £75k!
12 - newbie Zoleka - £75,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Becks says

Round 6
Noel reminds us Becks said £2,500 was a lot of money at the first offer.
21 - Leroy - 1p
22 - Francesca - £750
20 - Emma - £3,000

Banker time with £100 and £5,000 remaining...

The banker says it's a coinflip decision again, and it's a difficult offer to make here.

Banker's offer:

George says it's an awful lot of money for Becks to turn down.

Becks says

Banker's offer:

Noel says the SWAP question is often the most difficult if you believe in fate and destiny and also have a lucky number on the wings.

Becks says

Becks wins £5,000 from her box 19.

Box 2 with Iain contains the £100

Noel says the ordeal is over! Becks says £5,000 will do so much for her.

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