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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sue's Deal or No Deal Game Report 08/05/11

Sue has box 21 today. Sue Bradford is from Winscombe in Somerset, and is a retired school cleaner and dinner lady. She says she gave her favourite pupils bigger helpings! She has a photo of her grandchildren in Longleat. The Banker calls and says her youngest grandchild is the biggest he's ever seen! Sue has her husband and her sister's daughter for support.

Round 1
Box 7 with Becks - £75,000
Noel says Sue has pictures of David Beckham and Elvis around her house. Stacey now, and Noel says she's left her pet alone at home.
Box 6 with Stacey - £500
Noel throws Stacey out to feed her pet!
Box 8 with George - £10
Box 16 with Dom - £100
Noel says Dom and Michael look like Dom and Dommer!
Box 12 with Yvonne - £20,000

Banker time!
The Banker says Sue is a card!

Banker's offer:

Sue says:

Round 2
Noel says the 250k has been influential recently, but he also says the 1p has come out at this point for the last three games!
Box 1 with Harry - 1p
"How incredible is that?!" says Noel! Sue says she used to think the drinks were lukewarm, but they're really hot! Newbie Irene next, and Sue says she doesn't like Irenes!
Box 2 with newbie Irene - £100,000
Kerry-Anne next, and Noel suggests the warm-up guy fancies her!
Box 11 with Kerry-Anne - £50,000

Banker time
The Banker says the warm-up guy is crying!

Banker's offer:

Sue says that a family member has been bullied and she wants to fund some surgery to put something right. She says her and her husband have never had much, and wants to see Russia, Australia and South America.

Sue says:

Round 3
Box 10 with Rob - £250
"Should have bought my glasses!" says Sue! Noel lends her his!
Box 13 with Carole - £15,000
Sue says she's the only one who understands what Matt says! Noel criticises her for offending Matt's home town! Dean now, and Sue says she'll make him pay if he wrecks things!
Box 20 with Dean - £10,000

Banker time.
The Banker says he loves Sue, as she's a dragon! Sue says he hasn't seen anything yet! The Banker says it's precarious now.

Banker's offer:

Noel points out that only two amounts are higher. Sue says she'll be deflated whatever she takes out. The Banker says the higher money is in two boxes, and she'll have to be brave and lucky. Sue tells Ron she wants to risk it. Noel tries to listen in on her conversation! Sue says she'll take the risk!

Sue says:

Round 4
Box 14 with Wilf - 50p
Sue says the boys have had all the small amounts!
Box 19 with Kerry - 10p
"Don't find it" says Noel.
Box 3 with Suzanne - £1

Banker time.
Sue's husband says it is brilliant; her sister's daughter is shocked! "You could still be out third quarter-millionaire" says Noel. Matt says he wants Sue to go away happy.

"The perfect round" says Noel. The Banker says the odds on that were 0.6%. The Banker is reeling!

Banker's offer:

Sue says:

Michael asks if Stacey has fed her tortoise. The Banker says he is OK, but he's made a run for it. Stacey is in pursuit, but congratulated Sue.

Proveout Round 5
Noel hopes she hasn't blown it.
Box 9 with Michael - £35,000
Sue says she has to get rid of it.
Box 18 with Abbey - £5
Box 15 with Ron - £750

Offer would have been:

Proveout Round 6
Box 4 with Toby - £50
Box 22 with Lucy - £5,000
Box 5 with Matt - £1,000

Banker time.
The Banker says Sue has the same final two as Laura!

Offer would have been:

Noel reveals £3,000 in Sue's box 21.

Box 17 with Elaine has £250,000.

Sue says it was exciting! The Banker says Stacey has come back to watch the end of the game!

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