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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Debs Deal or No Deal Game Report 04/05/11

Debs has box 18 today. Debs is a nurse.Noel asks her about her military side of things and she says that after a year as a nurse she got itchy feet and wanted a challange, then was walking past an army recruitment office one day and thought why not! She signed up for 9 years, but came out after 6 years. She shows us the medal she received while on tour.

Debs doesn't have a system, but will go in her instinct today.

Round 1
22 - £100 Elaine
7 - £35,000 Rob
15 - £1,000 Dean
5 - £10,000 Abbey
10 - £500 Iain

Banker time
The Banker asks how everyone is feeling today, as he had a party last night after Al's game. He says that Debs is massively different to Al in his mind.

Banker's offer:

Debs says that is a really fantastic offer, and that could do a lot for her.

Debs says

Noel says that Debs would like to win enough to have a shower! Debs says she does wash, but would like a new shower fitted.

Round 2
8 - 1p Fi
19 - £3,000 Harry
1 - £20,000 Suzanne

Banker time
Noel asks Debs about her athletics, and she says she used to be a 100m sprinter, and that makes her very competitive. The Banker says he doesn't like all this and she means business.

Banker's offer:

Debs says that is a huge amount of money.

Debs says

Round 3
17 - £100,000 Becks
2 - £50 Yvonne
12 - £75,000 Wilf

Banker time
Noel talks about Debs' underwear! Debs says she has a rose quartz and tells a story about how she met her partner while wearing the rose quartz, and believes it brings her love and luck. Noel also says that she still irons her underwear. The Banker says that was a horrific round, but Debs has something about her.

Banker's offer:

Debs says he is such a clever man. She says that she remembers in Al's game that she said as long as the £250,000 was still in play she would play on.

Debs says

Round 4
6 - £750 Michael
13 - £1 Toby
Debs asks a pilgrim to pick a box for her! The pilgrim is really nervous about doing it, but eventually picks her daughter's birthday which is 4. The Banker calls and says that if it is the £250,000 the pilgrim (Emma) will get a bottle of champagne. Noel really lays it on that Emma could now ruin Debs' game!
4 - £250 Newbie Matt

Banker time
Noel says that everyone is terrified now after that! The Banker says that everyone is now nervous, but the only person not showing any nerves is Debs, and that worries him.

Banker's offer:

Debs says that when she first met Noel the first thing she noticed was his piercing blue eyes. Debs says that the Banker wants her gone now, and Noel says that he only gets it out when he wants someone gone. Debs says that they both have 2 of their power 5s. Noel says that Debs has managed to convince everyone that she is playing all the way and is determined to win the jackpot. Debs talks about only being here once and she is so fortunate to be here.

Debs says

Round 5
The Banker calls and says he doesn't recall ever offering that amount of money on such a precarious board, and if she still has the £250,000 in play at the end of this round then he will throw everything at her.
3 - £5,000 Kerry
11 - 10p Sue
20 - £5 Kerry-Anne

Banker time
Wow, oh my word says Noel. The Banker says that round was a nightmare for him.

Banker's offer:

Wow, he is true to his word says Noel, and it is a long time since he has told someone of an offer like that. Debs gets advice from the wings, and Dom tells her that the Banker is offering the full value for the box and he has never seen that before. Debs again talks about only being here once, and then the Banker calls and asks someone to help him!

Debs says

Round 6 - Proveout round
16 - £50,000 Dom
9 - 50p Lucy
14 - £10 Ron

Banker time with £15,000 and £250,000 remaining

Who would ever have thought £63,000 could possibly be a mistake asks Noel. The Banker says he didn't think he was going to beat Debs.

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Debs' box 18 and reveals £250,000

Box 21 with Carol contains the £15,000

Debs says that the Banker got him. Noel says that Debs is a loser, but one of the wealthiest losers

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