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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kerry's Deal or No Deal Game Report 12/05/11 - Banker's Birthday Specials

Noel does his spaghetti western intro again, except today he is dressed as an Indian as he has gone over to the other side! Noel reveals that today is the Banker's actual birthday and wonders what sort of mood he is in.

Kerry has box 18 today. Kerry is from Essex, and is a part-time cleaner, so Noel asks if she only does half a job! Kerry has her husband in the audience for support today, and Noel says he looks very tired and must have been partying hard while at the Dream Factory. We get to see some of Kerry's photos. Kerry also shows a picture of the 'Nappy cakes' that she makes.

Round 1
13 - £750 Irene
15 - £50,000 Tony
3 - £5 Becks
1 - £5,000 Toby
10 - 10p Suzanne

Banker time
Noel wishes the Banker a happy birthday. The Banker says he came down to the front door and there were no cards, and he was really happy as it means he is still unpopular, but he did have a commode from his mum.

Banker's offer:

Kerry says

Kerry says she would like a tummy tuck with any money she wins today.

Round 2
8 - £100,000 Francesca
22 - £3,000 George
14 - £20,000 Harry

Banker time
Oh no, that was a rotten round says Noel. The Banker says it is right that this game should be going his way on his birthday. Kerry isn't too impressed with her cup of tea, and asks if there is any tea in it. The Banker asks if Kerry would like the person who made the tea fired!

Banker's offer:

Kerry says

Round 3
2 - £50 Yvonne
21 - £15,000 Newbie Emma
The Banker has sent out some extra teabags for Kerry
11 - £1,000 Matt

Banker time
Noel says he is not happy about this at the moment as he doesn't think that Kerry is concentrating. The Banker says there is a lot of money still on the board, but it is only in 4 boxes and it could soon collapse.

Banker's offer:

Kerry turns to her husband, and he says that offer is pretty good actually. Noel runs through some of Kerry's dreams, she wants to travel the world and would love some singing lessons.

Kerry says

Round 3
Kerry picks box 20 next as it is one of her children's birthdays, she jokes that she had some pictures of them but they couldn't show them as they are so ugly!!!
20 - £250,000 Ron
19 - £10 Carole
7 - £10,000 Lucy

Banker time
Oh my word says Noel, this is quite frightening now.

Banker's offer:

Kerry says

Round 5
9 - £250 Dom
16 - £500 Rob
We are almost there says Noel
17 - £100 Kerry-Anne

Banker time
The Banker says he was wrong about that round.

Kerry now has to decide which twist she is going to take - Cowboys or Indians

The Indians have three puffs of smoke - 2 have smoke behind them, 1 has fire. If she finds fire, he wins a holiday AND she can go forward one box at a time. There is no downside.

The cowboys have three tins of beans. Kerry would have to stand on the sheriff's star, and she gets three goes to get any one of the tins in the mouth. If she succeeds, she gets a holiday AND one box at a time, BUT if she misses all three, the banker looks in her box.

Kerry asks to feel the weight of one of the cans and Noel allows her to pick one up.

Kerry's husband says that Kerry practiced the tin can game in the hotel the other night and she kept hitting the wall!

Kerry picks the INDIAN twist.

Noel goes over the the 3 puffs of smoke and Kerry has to find the FIRE

Kerry picks B

Noel reveals B contains the SMOKE :(

A contains the SMOKE

C contains the FIRE

Noel says that there is no downside in getting that wrong. The Banker asks to talk to Kerry.

Banker's offer:

Kerry turns to her husband and he says that he keeps thinking back to Abbey's game and that was heartbreaking. Toby tells her it is a good offer for the board, Dom says that it is unlikely that she will have an all-blue round and if she keeps the £35,000 in play it is likely she will have a similar offer to this one.

Kerry says

Round 6 - Proveout round
4 - £35,000 Stacey
5 - 1p Dean
12 - £75,000 Sam

Banker time with 50p and £1 remaining

He got spanked on his birthday says Noel.

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Kerry's box 18 and reveals 50p

Box 6 with Elaine contains the £1

Kerry says she has had an amazing time, and is now just going to waste the £9,000!

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