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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dom's Deal or No Deal Game Report 25/05/11

Dom has box 3 today.

Dom is a P.E. teacher from the Isle of man. Dom shows us some of his family pictures, one of his wife and another of his 2 daughters. Dom also shows us a picture of him boxing and last year he boxed in the Commonwealth games, but unfortunately got knocked out in the first round. Dom has brought along a present for the Banker of some Isle of Man sweets.

Round 1
Dom is keeping a few numbers to the end.
22 - £1 Yvonne
1 - 1p Francesca
6 - £75,000 Charlie
13 - £500 Ian
17 - £35,000 Olga

Banker time
That was a round of mixed fortunes says Noel. Noel talks the Banker and says that he must be feeling good today as he has saved himself a fortune this week. The Banker says that he has been looking forward to Dom's game as he is a good reader of the board and that makes him dangerous

Banker's offer:

Dom says

Round 2
16 - £100,000 Jonny
19 - £50,000 Annette
How can you have a 1-box game at this point asks Noel.
21 - £100 Leroy

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Dom says

Round 3
Noel talks about the games of extremes we have had recently, and he says that Dom's game has already turned into that now. Newbie Daryll next, and Dom asks him to sing the song that he sang on the coach on the way to the studio this morning, and Daryll obliges.
12 - £250,000 Newbie Daryll
That is incredible says Noel
Noel tells Dom he needs to re-adjust now, and there is still some very good smile money on the board.
18 - £10 Carole
7 - £250 Emma

Banker time
Noel allows Dom to take the call from the Banker. Dom says the Banker is over the moon of this board, but does feel a little cheated that he hasn't been able to battle with Dom

Banker's offer:

Dom says

Round 4
10 - £750 Matt
5 - £50 Ade
11 - £20,000 George

Banker time
That is cruel says Noel. The Banker says that something is very clear to him, and that is that Dom is not ready to throw in the towel.

Banker's offer:

Dom says that isn't a bad offer for the board, and he has seen so many people's game fall apart from this point in.

Dom says

Round 5
4 - £10,000 Irene
Oh my word says Noel.
14 - £15,000 Danni
That is horrendous bad luck says Noel
20 - £5,000 Stacey

Banker time
The Banker says there was less than a 2% chance of that happening.

Banker's offer:

Dom says he never thought he would be in this situation.

Dom says

Round 6
9 - £3,000 Sam
This has just been relentless says Noel.
2 - 10p Zoleika
8 - 50p Poppy

Banker time with £5 and £1,000 remaining

The Banker thinks he can now get into Dom's head

Banker's offer:

Dom says that he came here with a way to play the game, and that was based on the Banker's offers, but you do need luck in this game and he hasn't had it.

Dom says

Noel opens Dom's box 3 and reveals £1,000

Box 15 with Tony contains the £5

Noel tells Dom that when he has bad luck he really has bad luck.

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