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Monday, May 30, 2011

George's Deal or No Deal Game Report 30/05/11

George has box 21 today. George Cook is a part-time English and Maths tutor at the weekends, and a stage management student during the week... he's from Rainham, Essex.

His first photo is of him (aged 7) at his mother's wedding, which he sees as the start of when he started to come out of his shell. Another photo of his family comes out, and he says that he doesn't let his family members make him make his mind up. When asked if his determination will carry him through the game, he simply says he'll see how it plays out.

Round 1
George has an envelope to be passed onto the Banker, but will not give it to him yet.
5 - £3,000 Matt
1 - 10p Newbie Stacey
12 - 50p Emma
16 - 1p Olga
George emphasises he has no system, and asks someone for a box!
22 - £100 Jonny

Banker time.
Banker says he can't remember the last time such a young player was consulted for advice so often, and cannot read him... that plus the board worries him. He isn't sure if he is a risk-taker or a target-driven player... George makes the tactical blunder of writing a target in the book, but the Banker thinks his target might simply be an OPW!

Banker's offer:

The Banker said if his aim was a spanking, he could get it with this offer! George points out that as a student, £16,000 would "do him wonders". He decides to pass his envelope on at this point. Noel asks if we'll find out what the envelope contains, and George says we may not find out...

George says

Noel wonders if we'll learn about both the envelope gift and George in this round!

Round 2
9 - £50 Anthony
20 - £10 Irene
2 - £250,000 Charlie

Banker time
Massive relief for the Banker, who confirms the contents of the envelope will be revealed at the end of the game, but was "brilliant" and "very funny". He's now anticipating George might not be stopped...

Banker's offer:

George calls the offers "incredible". He says the only two people who could make him change his mind are not in the audience - for that very reason. They are his mum and nan. He says he is here to enjoy himself, and that there is more of that left.

George says

Round 3
15 - £250 Zoleka
4 - £5 Poppy
Noel starts presuming George is an "OHO", and that the block of reds makes this "astonishing". George calls for a pilgrim to choose the next box.
8 - £50,000 Beryl-Anne

Banker time
Banker says he has no room to go down.

Banker's offer:

He calls upon Stuart, who talks the game up, and says that he can "make his own luck". George talks about destiny and the like, but adds it is scary to know he is not in control of his game.

G is consulted. George mentions that G's advice was to take each offer as it came and consider what dreams can be fulfilled with those offers. George is looking at going to America to follow his stage management ambitions there, which £12,000 would do...

Noel reminds him £16,000 and £12,000 have already been declined...

George says

Round 4
11 - £35,000 Leroy
Noel talks up the importance of the next two boxes.
3 - £75,000 Daryl
Noel now calls it a one-box game. This is turning around quicker than the playoff final.
6 - £10,000 Sam

Banker time.
The Banker says luck trumps everything in this game.

Banker's offer:

Dannii says the chance of taking out the top three are "very slim". The Banker phones up to confirm an "almost 40%" chance of £100k going in this round.

George says

Noel says the Banker started by saying how stressed he was, and how unsure he was about his read on George, but that his job has been made easier by the board weakening.

Round 5
17 - £15,000 Annette
"Could be the start of a disaster, could be absolutely fine," Noel muses.
7 - £1 Yvonne
George is now guaranteed £500.
9 - £1,000 Ian

Banker time.
Banker says it's not the best round, but not the worst; he has responded to the previous gamble.

Banker's offer:

George says

Round 6
Box 10 is chosen after pilgrim consultation, but then we get a Banker phone call interruption... "this is all about you," he says, and he's not letting him go to the pilgrims for box choices! He says he believes in other people more than luck, though, so...
10 - £750 Tony
Noel tells George to stay focused. The Banker responds with yet another phone call. George was just saying only two people could change his mind... the Banker wants to be the third, and throws in a bonus offer to that effect!

Banker's offer:

George is told by one person on the wings that he should go if he's reached his target. Stuart makes a statement to the effect of reminding him of the envelope's relevance. George admits the £23,000 offer has "stopped him". He had his sixth round planned out, he said, despite him going to a pilgrim at the start of it...

George says

Round 6 - Box 2

18 - £5,000 Dannii

Banker thinks Stuart is controlling this game rather than George...

Banker's offer:

"Stuart's nothing to do with this", George insists. The two family members he says he could be swung by both suggested a box to leave.

"I'm not a gambler," George says. Stuart says it's "a better offer than I've seen in a long while", thus showing he wasn't here for last Tuesday's display of gambling...

George says

Round 6 - Final box

13 - £500 G

Banker time with £20,000 and £100,000 remaining

The Banker now reveals the gift. "A half-used loyalty card from a chicken restaurant." It's to do with how George saves his money as a student...

Banker's offer:

George now reveals his target on the book... £9.30. I kid ye not. That's because it's what he spends on his regular fast food order at that chicken restaurant... £20,000 is "a lot of £9.30s", he says. 2,150, to be exact. G urges him "don't gamble". It's a £40,000 gamble, he points out.

George says

Noel is worried about how George was staring into his eyes at every offer!

Noel opens box 21 and reveals £100,000

Box 14 is revealed to contain £20,000

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