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Friday, May 27, 2011

Carole's Deal or No Deal Game Report 27/05/11

Carole has Box 16 today. Carole is from Middlesex. Noel says she that's been very quiet on the wings, but off-camera she is a chatterbox and went double-time with her interview! We see a few photos of her family. She's on her own today and may rely on the pilgrims for support and she has no system.

Round 1
Newbie Anthony and Noel makes fun of him wiping his face!
Newbie Anthony Box 2 = £50
Iain Box 19 = £50,000
Jonny Box 3 = £250,000
Olga Box 18 = 1p
Poppy Box 14 = £75,000

Banker Time
Banker says Carole hasn't come through for him, so the rose he had for her has wilted.

Banker's offer:
£1,000 + dead roses

Carole says

Round 2
Noel tells us more about what Carole plans to do if she won a lot of money
Emma Box 4 = £3,000
Matt Box 9 = £1,000
Noel & Charlie debate about motor engineering
Charlie Box 6 = £5

Banker time
Banker calls to say he's done a bit about motor engineering and is attempting to flirt, but Noel tells him Carole is here for the money.

Banker's offer:
£3,000 and a spade

Carole says:
No Deal

Round 3
Francesca Box 17 = £35,000
Beryl-Anne Box 15 = £250
Noel says Carole was a little shocked to see that go and assumes she'll be ecstatic to find the 10p. Carole tells us to come back to watch her one chance to beat the baker. Banker calls and reminds Carole that he is a Banker, not a baker!
Annette Box 5 = £500

Banker time...

Banker's offer:

Carole says
No Deal

Round 4
Leroy Box 8 = £100,000
Carole says it wasn't meant to be, Noel adds were down to the smile money
Zoleka Box 7 = £10,000
Tony Box 21 = £15,000

Banker time...

Banker's offer:

Carole says
No Deal

Noel says she's getting a pasting in her game but is remaining positive

Round 5
Irene Box 11 = £750
Georgie Box 12 = £10
Sam Box 1 = £1

Banker time...
Noel tells us it's an all blue round.

Banker's offer:

Carole says
No Deal

Round 6
Ace Box 22 = £100
Danni Box 10 = 10p
Yvonne Box 13 = £5,000

Banker time with 50p and £20,000 remaining

The Banker admits he wasn't expecting to offer more than £3,100. Noel hands Carole the phone over and she speaks to him.

Banker's Offer:

Banker calls back and Noel asks if Carole can have the swap if she no deals and The banker accepts.

Carole says
No Deal!

Carols says

Box 16 is carried away and Box 20 is now on the table.

Carole now has Box 20, and Noel opens it to reveal £20,000

Daniel with Box 16 contains the 50p

Noel is so pleased for Carole. Carole says she's gonna use the money to take her children and grandchildren to Florida

Banker calls and says that because of her £20k win, she has broken the barrier of his money spent milestone of 25 million pounds! And finally he gives her a bunch of red roses...

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