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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stacey's Deal or No Deal Game Report 26/05/11

Stacey has box 22 today. Stacey is studying sociology. She is also a sales assistant, but apparently she is rubbish at the job and never reaches her targets.

We see a picture of Stacey with her boyfriend Guy, followed by a picture of her friends. She has a friend and her mum in the audience today to support her.

Round 1
Stacey hasn't got a system.
3 - Charlie - £10
The Banker calls up and says the newbie is posh and asks if she's in the wrong place and if she was looking for the Antiques Roadshow.
20 - Beryl-Anne (Newbie) - £50
12 - Anita - £15,000
15 - Olga - £500
16 - Iain - £3,000

Banker time.
The Banker says he's been looking forward to Stacey's game and he's been watching her at the hotel. Apparently she was moo-ing at everyone and he has the evidence. The Banker then shows a picture of Stacey in a cow costume. Stacey says they're her pyjamas. She says she got locked out of her own room which is why she was wandering round the hotel in her pyjamas. The Banker says he's worried about Stacey because she's looney.

Banker's offer:

Stacey says

Round 2
Noel tells us that Stacey wanted to become an electrician, but had a thing about floorboards. Before Tony opens his box Stacey asks if he can do his dad dancing - which he does.
18 - Tony - £35,000
1 - Matt - 50p
11 - Sam - £1,000

Banker time
The Banker thought Tony's moves were quality. The Banker decides to stick.

Banker's offer:

Stacey says

Round 3
Noel thinks Stacey's phobia is unusual. She has a phobia of dinosaurs and volcanoes.
14 - Yvonne - £100,000
We could live with £35,000 says Noel, but not £100,000.
7 - Poppy - £100
Noel is going to tell us something about Stacey soon that will shock us.
8 - Emma - £5

Banker time.
Stacey talks about her tortoises. One of her baby tortoises', Chomp, was left outside all night. He went to the vet, but died the next day. The Banker has apparently found an audio cassette containing Stacey's bedtime story and he starts to play it. It's called "Down on The Farm".

Banker's offer:

Stacey goes to talk to George. He says to be a bit brave, but do consider the £11.000. She says if she takes out the top 3 she'll be chasing the £20,000.

Stacey says

Round 4
2 - Zoleka - £50,000
Leroy shouts out if Stacey likes kissing and to go and find the 1p.
13 - Daryll - £250
4 - Carole - £10,000

Banker time.
The Banker says it's a difficult board to play for both him and Stacey. Her next offer is either going to be much higher or much lower.

Banker's offer:

Stacey is offered some advice and is told to think about the offer. Apparently Kerry-Anne didn't think of the game as real money at the time, if she had she might have played it differently.

Stacey says

Round 5
Noel thinks Stacey is an OHO and thinks a lot of people would have taken £13,000.
6 - Ade - 1p
5 - Leroy - £75,000
It's all on this box, says Noel.
9 - Irene - £5,000

Banker time
The Banker says the round went Stacey's way and he's impressed. At the hotel she has said some very interesting things and that she once said she'd be happy with a modest sum like £2,000.

Banker's offer:

Stacey says if she takes out the £250,000 then £20,000 is only £2,000 below what he's offered. The Banker rings up and points out that she'd have to play to the end then. He says very few have been as brave as Stacey and not to risk it. Stacey's mum tells her to listen to the Banker as it's a lot of money. Stacey says she only earns around £5,000 a year. As long as the £250,000 remains Stacey says her next offer should be £60,000+.

Stacey says

Round 6 - Proveout
Stacey can't believe she's been this lucky and she's keeping box 10 to the end.
19 - Francesca - £250,000
What an amazing week, says Noel.
17 - Danni - £1
21 - George - 10p

Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:

Stacey's box 22 had £20,000

Jonny with box 10 had £750.

With the money Stacey will learn to drive, but nothing too expensive as she'll crash it.

Noel finishes off by saying he's really enjoyed this week and we've had a great week of shows so far.

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