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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Toby's Deal or No Deal Game Report 18/05/11

Toby has box 3 today.
Toby is a gardener from Hastings, and he talks about how he took over the business from a friend when they moved out of the area, and at the time he knew nothing about the business so had to learn from scratch. We get to see a picture of him and his now wife when they were around 6 or 7 in a school play, and she was actually the first girl he kissed. He talks about how they met again throughout the years and finally got together. We also see some pictures of his 2 children.

Round 1
13 - £50 Ade
21 - £500 Becks
Dean next and he talks about how everyone will miss Toby, then Noel pretends to get all emotional and starts to cry!
17 - £5 Dean
10 - £5,000 Ian
11 - £100,000 Sam

Banker time
We were doing all right until that last box says Noel. The Banker cries then laughs down the phone because Toby is going now. The Banker says that he doesn't know why everyone is so emotional as Toby seems ordinary to him.

Banker's offer:

Toby says

Noel talks about some of Toby's dreams which include a new home and a campervan

Round 2
18 - £250,000 Kerry-Anne
Would you believe it says Noel.
6 - £20,000 Danni
15 - £35,000 Dom

Banker time
That was a real setback says Noel. Wow says the Banker, he then thanks Kerry-Anne for wrecking Toby's game, and says when daddy comes home with nothing in his suitcase his children's tears will be on her hands!!

Banker's offer:

Toby says it is nice to still be in the thousands.

Toby says

Round 3
9 - £75,000 Irene
Oh no, yet another heartbreaking game says Noel. The Banker calls and thanks Irene for bringing Toby to the edge of disaster, but he doesn't blame Irene for this as it is all Kerry-Anne's fault. He says he really feels for Toby being surrounded by all these evil women!
4 - £50,000 Rob
Unbelievable says Noel. The Banker calls back and says he doesn't blame Rob for this, it is all Kerry-Anne's fault, and he thinks that Kerry-Anne has wished this on Toby as he is so popular. He now thinks that Toby will take out all the reds in order and have the reverse of Suzanne's game.
5 - 1p Francesca

Banker time
The Banker says that Francesca has had the 1p 2 days in a row now.

Banker's offer:

Toby says

Round 4
12 - £15,000 Lucy
There are groans all around the studio. Would you believe it says Noel
8 - £100 Tony
1 - £750 Annette

Banker time
What are you feeling at this moment asks Noel, and Toby says not a lot of happiness, but you just have to play the game. Noel talks about Ron's game and how he had a similar game but came away with a nice sum of money. The Banker says that his job is to minimise his risks, sometimes he uses maths, and others he decides on the player in the chair and how much of a gambler they are, he weighs up these to decide how cheaply he can buy the box.

Banker's offer:

The decisions are getting easier says Toby.

Toby says

Toby talks about the fantastic time he has had on the show and how everyone has been really supportive. The Banker calls and says that was a great speech, and it is great how Toby has met so many lovely people, but he only wants to keep in contact with a couple of them

Round 5
14 - £10,000 Carole
There are big groans for that one. That is amazing says Noel, you have been hitting the top amount remaining in the last few rounds in the very first box of the rounds.
19 - £10 Stacey
7 - £250 Yvonne

Banker time
You couldn't even keep the highest blue says Noel. The Banker reckons that Toby will keep in contact with Becks and Dom and the rest are history!

Banker's offer:

Toby says

Round 6
20 - £1,000 Emma
16 - £1 George
2 - 10p Newbie Jonny

Banker time with 50p and £3,000 remaining

Banker's offer:

Toby asks if the Banker will call back so he can speak to him as his wife asked him to tell her what he sounds like. The Banker calls back and says that as it is for his wife he will talk to Toby. Toby has a chat with the Banker, and says he will describe the Banker as charming and slightly croaky.

Toby says

Noel opens Toby's box 3 and reveals £3,000

Box 22 with Matt contains the 50p

That was relentless bad luck says Noel. Toby says that he couldn't have gone home with a blue.

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