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Friday, May 13, 2011

Suzanne's Deal or No Deal Game Repor - Banker's Birthday Specials

Suzanne is from Bristol. She is originally from Ireland and moved here with her boyfriend Simon after being together for 4 and a half months! They're aiming to marry in 2012.
Noel asks who's the guy she's with on her first photo and she points out that's her! She shows a photo of her parents who she says she loves. Noel says we'll learn more as we continue.

Suzanne has box 1 and she says it doesn't mean a thing to her. Suzanne has no system but said she'd always start with 13...

Round 1
13 - Dom - £3,000
20 - Franchesca -£750
10 - Elaine - 10p
Suzanne doesn't believe in curse of the newbie...
18 - Annette - £50
17 - Ron - £5,000

Banker time
The banker says it's not the sort of spanking he wants on his birthday. Noel says Suzanne is very headstrong. Noel asks if Simon should be thrown out for not dressing up. Suzanne says yes. The banker likes her ruthlessness!

Banker's offer:

Suzanne says she's courageous.

Round 2
Noel says Simon has bit the dust for not entering into the spirit of cowboys and indians.
12 - Lucy - £15,000
That's ok says Suzanne. Noel says she's fighting the Friday 13th curse well so far.
8 - Toby - £500
14 - Becks -£75,000
Groans from the pilgrims.

Banker time...
Simon is back dressed as what I think is a clown. The banker thinks Suzanne is trouble and is taking her seriously.

Banker's offer:

Suzanne doesn't earn that much money in a year. But she needs more to deal and has belief in herself to continue.

Noel asks what the money will be for. Suzanne mentions how as a teenager her parents took her to South Africa and the experience gave her so much life experience. She wants to use the money to treat her mum and dad to a return trip. Any further money could be used to return to Ireland in the future to see her friends and family whom she misses.

Round 3
19 - Irene - £1
2 - Harry -£10,000
11 - Rob - £250

Banker time...
The Banker thinks she got engaged to early and should ditch the clown. He says this is a swingy board.

Banker's offer:

Noel wants to know from the man from the circus. Simon's not useful when it comes to giving advice!

Round 4
4 - Carol - 50p
5 - Matt - 1p!
Cheers all around the dream factory!
6 - Yvonne - £1,000
What a brilliant 8-box says Noel.

Banker time...
The banker can't deny that round went her way.

Banker's offer:

That's a fantastic offer says Suzanne. Noel says is it near what she wants? She pauses and says she's determined. She says if something feels right always go with your gut.

Noel wonders if there'll be a third wanted poster with Suzanne on it... Noel says imagine getting to 5-box with all 5 reds...

Round 5
9 - Sam - £100
Simon is shaking his head at how well this is going! Noel says this is costing the banker a lot of money.
15 - Dean - £20,000
Pretty good says Noel if the next is blue.
She's not worried about the death box. Noel says we've waited so long for the boxes to be kind to someone this determined...
22 - Tony - £10

Banker time...

Twist time.

If she takes Cowboy she gets 3 cans to throw into the cowboy's mouth. Success means a holiday and an offer after every box. If she fails the banker looks in the box.

Indians gives a 1 in 3 chance of the holiday and an offer after every box but carries no downside.

She says she's not very skilled. The banker asks how good is Simon as he's a golf professional! If she goes for the cowboy option Simon can do it for her!

Simon says he's not calm enough for it!

The banker rings back and offers 4 cans. Simon shakes his head. He thinks the banker looking in the box is too big a risk. 5 cans.

Suzanne encourages him. He agrees!

Total failure is all that stops them winning a massive amount of money says Noel.

Can 1... MISS

Can 2... MISS

Can 3... MISS

Can 4... IN!

They win the holiday and get to go forward one box at a time.

The banker says congratulations but he wants to stop this.

Banker's offer:

Suzanne mentions it's one box at a time. Taking out the £5 guarantees £35,000 says Noel.

Round 6 - Box 1

16 - Emma - £5

Banker time...
Noel says you can only dream about this scenario. Noel in his 5 and a half years has only seen on a handful of occasions determination being rewarded like this.

Suzanne says "wow". The banker has always had nightmares about this.

Banker's offer:

Suzanne is shocked at how calm she is.

Cheers all around the dream factory.

Round 6 - Box 2

Noel says Suzanne may be calm but he isn't!
3 - Stacey - £35,000

Banker time!
Suzanne still can't believe how calm she is. Noel reiterates that he isn't! The luck of the Irish is on her side says Noel. Noel tells the banker he's not seen a calmer player, especially when she's one box from being the first player with the dream finish.

Banker's offer:

Simon says £110,000 is double £50,000. Suzanne points out £50,000 is still 5 years worth of work and is still a huge amount of money and is enough for a deposit on a house. She points out those at home would say "you eejit, you're guaranteed £50,000!"

Suzanne says

Round 6 - Box 3

Noel says that's one of our biggest no deals in live play ever. No-one has ever kept the top 2 in live play...

7 - Kerry-Anne -£50,000

Banker time with £100,000 and £250,000 remaining

The banker is crying down the phone. The pilgrims laugh and Noel asks for sympathy as it is his birthday!

Banker's offer:

Suzanne asks if she gets the swap. Of course says Noel.

Noel says she gets the swap automatically as she has the £250,000 in play.

Suzanne says

She doesn't believe she brought it to the table.

Noel SWAPS Suzanne's box 11 for box 21.

Only 2 players in 5 years have won the £250,000 says Noel. Neither swapped.

Noel opens Suzanne's box 21 and reveals.... £250,000.

The confetti goes off and it's just hit her what she's just done. Noel is getting teary eyed!

George opens Box 1 which contains the £100,000 to complete the game.

Suzanne says she's not calm anymore! And another woman has done it she says. Noel says the confettit would never have fired if she didn't swap. He says it took a great amount of courage and she could do with a holiday, and she also won a week for two in Florida!

Suzanne says the money she needed was £5,000. Noel says she can now set her business up and her wedding will be a wonderful affair. Noel gives Suzanne Box 21 to keep and says a final congratulations.

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