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Friday, December 30, 2011

Shakira's Deal or No Deal Game Report 30/12/11

Shakira has box 21. Shakira is from Middlesex, and is training to be a primary school teacher. She then starts bossing Noel about regarding what order he shows her photos in, and he says he's not going to be abused! Noel gets her to hold her photos but she shakes too much. We see a pic of her with her friends, and another pic of her with her family.

Round 1
5 - Darren - £3,000
1 - Peter - £20,000
17 - Ioannis - £100
8 - Zoe - 10p
Shakira realises she wanted to keep box 1! She says she also wants to keep 19, 22, 14, 3, 9 and 6.
11 - Snowy - £500

Banker time
The banker asks who's in charge in the dream factory, and whether it's Shakira or Noel! He apologises to everyone on her behalf, and he wants to make it up to the front row in particular.

Banker's offer:
£9,000 + set of odour eaters!

Noel says Shakira's mum in the audience sounds like Barbara Windsor, and everyone agrees.

Shakira says

Round 2
7 - Amy-Jo - £5
18 - James - £15,000
15 - RenĂ©e - £50,000

Banker time
Noel says he's thinking differently now that Barbara Windsor is in the audience, and he has to get the offers right to ensure she doesn't "Carry On" and that she "gets outta" his pub.

Banker's offer:

Shakira says

Round 3
Shakira says one of her dreams is to do a masters, and she wants to take her family on holiday.
16 - Belinda - £10,000
2 - Laurie - £1
Shakira talks about how her dad works hard to support the family.
10 - newbie David - £50
Noel says he thought John Prescott had turned up when he saw David!

Banker time
The banker says he's had a terrible year, and he thinks Shakira will deliver a sting in the tail, and her determination worries him. He reminds everyone that he offered £20,000 to Baz yesterday in a similar situation.

Banker's offer:

Shakira says she'd have gone on yesterday when Baz dealt, but it'd have been the wrong thing to do. Darren says this is her game and not Baz's. Shakira's mum says it's often worth taking a bit of a risk, and Shakira talks about what the money would do for them all.

Shakira says

Round 4
Noel says it's amazing that the firefighter dealt but Shakira's gone on!
4 - Bekki - £10
13 - Adam - £100,000
20 - Stef - £1,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Shakira says she's not sure what boxes she'd pick if she went on. She says how her box number is lucky for her, and her mum says maybe she should go one more round. Shakira says she'd always said if she picked box 19 or 21 as her own box, she'd go all the way. The banker rings and talks about the regrets that Shakira could face, and how £26,000 would last longer than a period of regret if she deals and could've had more.

Shakira says

Round 5
6 - Jacques - £250,000
12 - Margaret - £75,000
"Oh my word", says Noel, and he says if the £35k goes, then the board will be almost identical to Baz's post-deal 5-box.
14 - Angela - 50p

Twist time

Christmas Panto Specials twist:
The magic lamp in the studio will either make the player's wish come true, or the banker's wish come true. When the player gets to 5-box, they choose one of 3 doors in the lamp's smoke. 1 door has the banker's wish behind it, but 2 doors have the player's wish behind it. If the player's wish comes true, the player can either advance one box at a time after 5-box, win a holiday or choose a present from the Christmas tree. One present has a pair of the banker's pants in it and the other one has £5,000. If the banker gets his wish come true, then he'll look in the player's box.

Shakira chooses the GREEN door in the smoke of the genie's lamp.

Noel opens it and reveals THE BANKER'S WISH

The blue door contains the player's wish, and the red door contains the other player's wish.

The banker's panto horse Dobbin comes out to take Shakira's box away, so the banker can look in it. The box is returned by the horse and it has a black seal on it, to show the banker's looked in it.

Noel reminds us Shakira is guaranteed the SWAP at the end of the game.

Banker time
The banker said he lied the last time he looked in the player's box, and he says he won't lie today. He says Shakira has 1p in her box.

Banker's offer:

Shakira says

Round 6
Noel says he can tell Shakira is kicking herself for not dealing the £26k.
9 - Paul - 1p
3 - Jodi - £5,000
22 - Dale - £35,000

Banker time with £250 and £750 remaining...

The banker says he's finally going to tell the truth, and he says there's a blue in Shakira's box. He says it's the £250.

Banker's offer:

Shakira says

Banker's offer:

Shakira says

Shakira wins £750 from her box 21.

Box 19 with Shakeel contains the £250

Shakira gets emotional and thanks everyone for their support, and says she wanted to go to the end.

Noel says that concludes the panto season, and also DoND for 2011, and he thanks everyone for their support for the show! We then get to see some memories from 2011...

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