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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tristan's Deal or No Deal Game Report 11/12/11

Tristan has box 6 today. Tristan says he is really looking forward to this. Trisitan is a field services manager for an energy company from Exeter. We see a picture of Tristan's wife, he has his gran in the audience for support today. Tristan says that she is a bit deaf, so Noel shouts to her! Tristan has a stone that his grandfather used to carry around with him for years, and his gran reveals that he just dug it up somewhere! Noel makes up a more dramatic story for the stone

Round 1
9 - £3,000 Lawrence
3 - 10p Emma
14 - £5 Mark
4 - £250 Charlton
16 - £1 Frank

Banker time
That is an incredible opening round says Noel. The Banker says he is very good as he had a great week last week, and he has already made money today by selling the rights to Noel's story about the stone that Tristan has. The Banker says that he is getting exhausted following the contestants around the hotel, especially Lawrence who goes around with his ghetto blaster, and he then asks if Lawrence will show us some of his moves, and then plays some music for Lawrence to dance with. The Banker says that was like a scene from the film Cocoon

Banker's offer:

That is a lot of money says Tristan.

Tristan says

Round 2
10 - £75,000 Aqsa
18 - £20,000 Daniela
12 - £50 Clare

Banker time
Tristan says he still has a strong board. The Banker is not available, so Noel has to talk to his butler as the Banker tried some of his own dance moves but popped his hip! We then hear the Banker in the ambulance, he says it was a mixed round.

Banker's offer:

Tristan says it is a good offer considering the damage he did.

Tristan says

Round 3
Noel asks Tristan to tell the story of he proposed to his wife, and he says that he took her out for a meal and put the ring in her dessert. Noel says it was a bit more romantic than that, and then tells a more descriptive story.
15 - £100,000 Kim
13 - £50,000 Gail
Tristan picks Peter with box 17 next, but then has second thoughts
7 - £10 Baz

Banker time
The Banker is now in recovery, and is lying in bed with his foot elevated, and in partial traction. He says he is feeling a little like Tristan's game and is a bit battered at the moment.

Banker's offer:

Tristan says

Round 4
17 - £100 Peter
It's a good job I went back there says Tristan
1 - 1p Iain
Noel gives Iain a yellow card for his 1p kiss, and Noel checks with the video ref to check if it was valid, the Banker then calls and says that he has checked as well and it wasn't a 1p kiss, so they have to do it again. Tristan asks if Noel would like to demonstrate the kiss! The Banker then plays some atmospheric music for the kiss and Noel asks for it in slow motion so there can be no doubt it is a good one.
8 - £35,000 Phil

Banker time
Now it's a one-box game says Noel. The Banker says it was a very passionate 1p kiss.

Banker's offer:

Tristan is shocked with that offer, as he says he took out some big numbers and there is a big gap in the board, he was expecting half of that money. He says the Banker is making it hard for him now, as if it was lower he would be playing on. Tristan says he has roughly that offer on his credit cards and that is about £360 month payment on them. Tristan weighs up the board.

Tristan says

Round 5 - Proveout round
22 - £750 Shakira
You don't want 2 more of those says Noel.
2 - 50p Elaine
Oh no says Tristan. The Banker calls and says that if this is a blue the offer would be £43,000
11 - £5,000 Lavinne

Banker time
The Banker asks if we would mind if he felt a big smug.

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 - Proveout round
21 - £500 Jaques
Oh my word, it gets worse says Noel.
5 - £15,000 Newbie Amy-Jo
20 - £250,000 Daphne

Banker time with £1,000 and £10,000 remaining

Tristan says that he felt ill just before that last box.

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Tristan's box 6 and reveals £10,000

Box 19 with Sarah contains the £1,000

Tristan says that will pay off his credit cards and it works out as a holiday every 3 months.

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