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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Clare's Deal or No Deal Game Report 18/12/11

Clare has Box 18. Clare Weden is a software operator from Kent. She explains what she does for the company. She shows some photos of her family, among them, one of her niece and her late nanny. She also has a neckless her that her nanny gave her. She has her partner in the audience, and they talk about how they met.

Round 1
Box 4 first, as she thinks of '4' as a blue number.
Box 4 with James - £5,000
Newbie Zoe next, who is a recovery nurse.
Box 7 with newbie Zoe - 1p
Box 11 with Charlton - £20,000
Box 8 with Ioannis - £10,000
Box 17 with Elaine - £15,000

Banker time...
The Banker can't wait for the panto specials next week, as the players will have more ways to win than ever, apparantly. He says a genie will grant them wishes; Noel wonders who it will be. The Banker thinks Clare's dad smells like biscuits, because he's Gary Baldie!

Banker's offer:

Clare says:

Noel says that Clare's colleagues don't know she's on the show! They do know she's filming something, though.

Round 2
Box 13 with Emma - £3,000
Box 6 with Lawrence - £250
Peter next, and Noel says he's welcome to come back to the hotel, and stop living in a cardboard box down at the station!
Box 15 with Peter - £50

Banker time...
Clare says she'd like to buy her partner a new set of teeth, as he got hit by a swing at age 11. Noel says all he wants for Christmas is his two front teeth! The Banker says Clare could donate, as she'd still look pretty, and shows pictures on the gameboard of Clare, Noel and Mr Blobby without their two front teeth!

Banker's offer:

Noel says Clare would like to go storm-chasing in America. Clare says she'd like to play a bit more.

Clare says:

Round 3
Box 12 with Sarah - £5
Box 20 with Baz - £250,000
Oh dear, says Noel. You need the 10p now.
Box 2 with Lavinne - £100,000

Banker time...
Oh no, says Noel.

Banker's offer:

Clare says she can take the rest of the big sums out in one go, but she thinks she's due an all-blue round.

Clare says:

Round 4
Box 1 with Iain - £750
Box 14 with Angela - £10
Box 5 with Shakeel - £100

Banker time...
That's much better, says Clare. The Banker says Clare has recovered from those two big hits. He has picked up on what Clare said about dealing the first offer, and how she didn't want to be remembered for that.

Banker's offer:

This is where it gets interesting, says Clare. Phil says it'll go one way or another now. Clare says you have to gamble to win big money, but she could crash. She says she's a risk taker, and lucky.

Clare says:

Noel says how similar this is to Daphne and Frank's games, and they both stopped at 8-box, and got it wrong. Noel says Clare is an OHO, and that she's taken a big gamble.

Round 5
Box 22 with Phil - 10p
Perfect start, says Noel.
Box 16 with Jacques - £35,000
Box 3 with Gail - £500

Banker time...
You've got to feel better, says Noel. The Banker says this is rather tense. He thinks Clare is a feisty little minx!

Banker's offer:

Clare calls the Banker a clever meanie. Noel says she could get a Spanking if she deals and loses the two biggies. The Banker says a deal would be sensible, and he's enjoying the joust with her. He says, if she goes on and hits a blue, she'll get an immediate offer; if it's red, it's business as usual.

Clare says:

Round 6
Box 9 with Adam - £75,000
Worst possible start, says Noel. A conventional round now.
Box 19 with Shakira - £1,000
The Banker calls, and tells Clare to think hard. He says the next box will be the 50k.
Box 21 with Mark - £1

Banker time with 50p and £50,000 remaining...

The Banker was not expecting to have to make an offer like this.

Banker's offer:

Clare is not pleased with that! She asks if she'd be allowed to swap. The Banker says he'll let her know when she answers the question. He says she's all mouth.

Clare says:

The Banker is not offering the swap. He calls again just before Noel opens the box, and changes his mind!

Clare says:

Noel reveals 50p in Clare's Box 18.

Box 10 with Amy-Jo has the £50,000.

Clare says she always planned to go all the way, and she has lots of new friends.

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