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Monday, December 26, 2011

Mark's Deal or No Deal Game Report - 26/12/11 - Christmas Panto Specials

Mark has box 16. Mark Silver is from Rochford, Essex and is a groundworker. We see a picture of Mark's mum who sadly passed away a few months after the photo was taken. We are then shown a picture of Mark's two kids and his girlfriend. In the audience he has his girlfriend's sister Laura to support him.

Round 1
Mark says he wants to get the death box out the way first.
22 - Renee [Newbie] - 50p
That's a stark contrast to yesterday says Noel.
14 - Shakeel - £500
Noel asks if Paul got anything nice for Christmas, and he replies a litter tray.
13 - Paul - £1
18 - Shakira - 1p
Noel talks about how today we found the 1p in the first round today, but there was no holiday on offer today like the last two days.
19 - Lavinne - £750

Banker time
The Banker hopes everyone had a horrible Christmas. The Banker is claiming that he forgot to ring up today and offer the holiday today for finding the 1p in the first round.

Banker's offer:

Mark says

Round 2
Noel says this a powerful game for two reasons - in gameplay terms and in family terms, and Noel says how Mark has personalised his game after showing us the picture of his mum in New York, where he'd like to visit. He also wants to marry his girlfriend Laura. Noel is going to try and get Sarah a wand for tomorrow to complete her costume (Tinkerbell).
6 - Sarah - £250
Noel gets Adam and Baz (The Ugly Sisters) to come out from behind the wings and do a little performance.
1 - Amy-Jo - £5
2 - Margaret - £75,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Mark says

Round 3
12 - James - 10p
Noel is amazed that Mark just said he wanted to find the 10p and he did.
10 - Jacques - £3,000
Mark says his dream is still there and we should come back to watch him fulfil it. Noel says the boxes under the tree today are a different colour than before, red and gold, as he gave Emma the green box as a keepsake yesterday.
15 - Snowy - £10,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Mark says

Round 4
20 - Angela - £100,000
21 - Baz - £50,000
We find out that the box Mark wants to keep to the end is box 3 with Adam.
4 - Stefanie - £15,000

Banker time
Noel says £18,000 is now a memory, but might we create our first male £250,000 winner at Christmas.

Banker's offer:

Mark gets some advice from the wings. The Banker then rings up and says the odds on hitting the £250,000 in the next round is nearly 40%.

Mark says

Round 5
8 - Zoe - £10
Noel is heard saying don't celebrate too soon.
9 - Peter - £100
2 - Laurie - £1,000

Twist time

Noel says that was an amazing round. The Banker says he thought turning down £15,000 last time was a mistake.

Christmas Panto Specials twist:
The magic lamp in the studio will either make the player's wish come true, or the banker's wish come true. When the player gets to 5-box, they choose one of 3 doors in the lamp's smoke. 1 door has the banker's wish behind it, but 2 doors have the player's wish behind it. If the player's wish comes true, the player can either advance one box at a time after 5-box, win a holiday or choose a present from the Christmas tree. One present has a pair of the banker's pants in it and the other one has £5,000. If the banker gets his wish come true, then he'll look in the player's box.

Mark chooses the RED door in the smoke of the genie's lamp.

Noel opens it and reveals THE PLAYER'S WISH

The green door contains the other player's wish, and the blue door contains the banker's wish.

Mark chooses the gameplay option of going on ONE BOX AT A TIME

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Baz says he would go on one more box. Mark says the worst case scenario is he would be chasing the money if the £250,000 went in the next box. The Banker then rings up and says he has something that will make Mark deal. The Banker says he worked in New York for a long time and he knows exactly where the place is in Mark's photo with his mum is. If he deals now the Banker will tell him.

Mark says

The Banker rings up and confirms he will tell Mark the location in New York where that photo was taken.

Round 6: Part 1 - Proveout
17 - Jodie - £250,000

Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6: Part 2 - Proveout
7 - Darren - £20,000

Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6: Part 3 - Proveout
11 - Loannis - £50

Banker time with £5,000 and £35,000 remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

Mark says he would have dealt that last offer.

Mark's box 16 contains £35,000

Box 3 with Adam contains £5,000

Greg comes out into the studio with the information the Banker promised to tell Mark about that location in his photo and reveals the place is - Number Two, Penn Plazza, New York, New York. The Banker then rings up and tells Mark to look at the information again and asks him to peel off the white paper on the card. Underneath it says that there is a four night holiday for two in New York for Mark.

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