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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Elaine's Deal or No Deal Game Report 20/12/11 - Christmas Panto Specials

Elaine has box 9. Elaine is from Middlesex, and is a medic with the ambulance service. She talks about her job and she introduces us to the colleagues she has in the audience. Elaine's husband Terry is in the audience, and he talks about how he works in the same profession as Elaine and has done favours for her in the past! We get to see a pic of them on their wedding day, and she shows a stone hippo that she has with her from one of their holidays. Elaine names the hippo "Noel"! She suddenly realises her box 9 is Terry's birthday.

Christmas Panto Specials twist:

The magic lamp in the studio will either make the player's wish come true, or the banker's wish come true. When the player gets to 5-box, they choose one of 3 doors in the lamp's smoke. 1 door has the banker's wish behind it, but 2 doors have the player's wish behind it. If the player's wish comes true, the player can either advance one box at a time after 5-box, win a holiday or choose a present from the Christmas tree. One present has a pair of the banker's pants in it and the other one has £5,000. If the banker gets his wish come true, then he'll look in the player's box.

Round 1
The banker rings and talks about the Christmas Panto twist (see above).
10 - Emma - £100
Zoe next, and Noel gets her to show us her Mother Goose costume again!
14 - Zoe - £35,000
Jacques next, and he reveals his costume is Mother Goose's son.
3 - Jacques - 50p
15 - Shakira - £250
17 - Margaret - £75,000

Banker time
The banker says everyone looks amazing and Elaine looks particularly attractive, but he says her colleagues in the audience are a load of idiots!

Banker's offer:

Elaine says that's a lovely amount of money.

Elaine says

Round 2
8 - James - £50,000
16 - Sarah - £3,000
Lawrence next, and he says he's had the 1p four times so far.
11 - Lawrence - £750

Banker time
The banker asks Elaine to think of his offers as lighthouses in the fog, and she could crash into the £100k or £250k.

Banker's offer:

The banker rings back and asks who started the BOOing in the audience, and a lady owns up! He tells her to watch it, and she says her name is Enid, and she threatens the banker! He then gets worried and asks if she'd like a cup of tea.

Elaine says

Round 3
Mark next, and Noel says he has a great false nose, but it's his own nose.
21 - Mark - 1p
7 - newbie Stef - £1
Noel hands some tea to Enid in the audience.
5 - Baz - 10p

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Elaine brings her husband Terry down to the pound table. Elaine says it'd take a long time to get that amount of money, and her husband says that if he were watching at home, he'd be telling her to get on with it and open the boxes.

Elaine says

Round 4
6 - Amy-Jo - £20,000
4 - Iain - £5
13 - Ioannis - £1,000

Banker time
The banker teases Elaine about what could happen with the genie's lamp, and he says the last time someone went one box at a time with the £250k in play, he ended up giving it away.

Banker's offer:

The banker rings back and changes the offer to...

Banker's offer:

Elaine thinks about the offer and talks about what they can do with the money, and says it's a lovely sum of money, and she can't believe she turned down £14,999. Jacques reminds her that she still has the options of the genie's lamp, and Adam says she has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Enid in the audience tells Elaine to think about what the money means to her, and Iain says it's a really strong board.

Elaine says

Round 5 - proveout
Noel says Elaine is showing signs of uncertainty over her deal.
22 - Gail - £10
2 - Angela - £500
19 - Shakeel - £15,000
Noel says that's no good.

Banker time
The banker gloats about how right he got the offer.

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 - proveout
1 - Lavinne - £100,000
20 - Charlton - £250,000
12 - Peter - £10,000

Banker time with £50 and £5,000 remaining...

Banker's offer would've been:

Enid comes from the audience to congratulate Elaine.

Elaine has £5,000 in her box 9.

Box 18 with Adam contains the £50

Noel says he liked this game because Elaine left us in no doubt about how much the money means to her.

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