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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Jacques' Deal or No Deal Game Report 01/01/12

Jacques has box 20. Jacques says his name is pronounced so that it rhymes with "shark", because he is originally from South Africa. He talks about his involvement with gymnastics and dancing, and how he does his work through that. We get to see a photo of all his family. Jacques introduces us to his civil partner Michael who's in the audience today, and he says it's a bit of a fairytale as they met each other in the gym! Jacques reveals he had to propose 3 times to Michael before he said yes.

Round 1
5 - Laurie - £10
Noel says he's not used to seeing everyone out of their panto outfits!
3 - Peter - £50
19 - Ioannis - £5
10 - Snowy - £10,000
13 - Paul - £3,000
Paul reveals his new year's resolution is to spank the banker!

Banker time
The banker talks to Noel about his beard, and he said he toyed with the idea of a fuller beard in the summer, then it went away and now it's miraculously come back!

Banker's offer:

Jacques says

Round 2
18 - Angela - £250,000
Angela says she lost 3 stone in 2011 and wants to lose 2 more by this summer. Jacques focusses on the £100k and £75k that are still there.
17 - Margaret - £1
Margaret says her resolution is to grow upwards instead of outwards! David says he's a bee-keeper on a bus. He says he once put a queen-bee on his chin and loads of other bees came over and covered his arms and went in his ears! Jacques goes for Bekki, and she says she has 5 babies and her resolution is to not have any more! She says she'll buy a TV to help her stop having them.
16 - Bekki - 10p

Banker time
The banker says most people have a sneaky drink in private, but David covers himself in bees.

Banker's offer:

Darren reminds Jacques that he says he lots of money on the board, and Noel points out that Jacques isn't really discussing things with his husband.

Jacques says

Round 3
21 - RenĂ©e - £20,000
4 - Belinda - 1p
Jacques goes for Adam, and David thinks he asked for him. He blames it on having bee-wax in his ear. Jacques then goes for james.
11 - James - £500

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Jacques says that's a beautiful offer, but he likes his block of reds.

Jacques says

Round 4
14 - Jodi - £1,000
2 - Dale - £100
15 - Stef - £35,000

Banker time
The banker says this round coming up is the big one.

Banker's offer:

Jacques says he's thinking of cutlery, and he talks about being brave enough to wash all the cutlery by hand! Noel says doing the washing-up isn't one of the bravest things out there, and he says it's one of the strangest reactions to offers. The banker rings and says he agrees with Jacques, because this game will knife Jacques in his back and he says Jacques should "fork off".

Jacques says

Round 5
Noel says Jacques to visit his family as he's not seen them for years.
12 - Shakeel - £5,000
8 - Adam - £100,000
7 - Amy-Jo - £250

Banker time

Banker's offer:

James says it's a good offer but Jacques still has big values on the board. Noel says it's the reality that Jacques could still go away with 50p, and the banker rings and says if Jacques wants to get a much higher offer, he has to take out both blues in the next round.

Jacques says

Round 6
9 - Zoe - £50,000
1 - David - £750
22 - Darren - £75,000

Banker time with 50p and £15,000 remaining...

The banker says he spelt things out very clearly.

Banker's offer:

Jacques says he's seen lots of games from the wings, and he's only here once.

Jacques says

Banker's offer:

Jacques says

Jacques 50p wins from his box 20.

Box 6 with newbie Leo contains the £15,000

Jacques says he's grown from his DoND experience, and he says he's had a stunning time on the show.

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