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Monday, December 12, 2011

Kim's Deal or No Deal Game Report 12/12/11

Kim has box 10 today. Kim lives in Portsmouth, and talks about her work recently as a civilian nurse in Afghanistan, and Noel shows us a picture of Kim while working in Afghanistan. Kim talks about the experiences she had while in Afghanistan, and Noel says he really admires her for doing that work. Kim has her partner in the audience for support.

Round 1
1 - £5 Lavinne
19 - £1,000 Baz
5 - 1p Gail
Yes, thats what you want in the first round says Noel
15 - £100 Amy Jo
4 - £10,000 Jacque

Banker time
The Banker wishes Noel a merry Christmas. He says that Kim's fiancé has perfect teeth and knows how to groom himself

Banker's offer:

Kim says

Round 2
Kim says that she feels a little wobbly like jelly.
21 - £100,000 Shakira
13 - £5,000 Daphne
11 - 10p Mark

Banker time
That was a perfect final box says Noel. The Banker says that it was a round of balance, so no change.

Banker's offer:

Kim turns to her fiancé, he says it is a great offer, but the game is only now starting.

Kim says

Round 3
Noel asks Kim about her engagement, and Kim tells the story about when they went to Prague and she was being rushed to get out of the room, as the clock in the city center does a certain thing at 10pm, and as they was standing watching the clock her boyfriend started poking her in the back, so she turned around to find him one knee proposing to her.
12 - £3,000 Daniela
6 - £50,000 Aqsa
Noel says that Kim really needs the 50p now.
16 - £50 Peter

Banker time
Noel asks Kim about being a gambler, and she says that she is and that is what she is worried about really. The Banker tells Kim's fiancé to get stuffed for being so romantic and good looking!

Banker's offer:

Kim talks about the average cost of a wedding being around £12,000, and there is also a condition to them getting married, as her fiancé has developed a bit of a snoring habit lately and he has looked at treatment for it, the Banker then calls and laughs as it shows that Kim's fiancé isn't so perfect. Kim also talks about them trying for a baby, and they might need IVF.

Kim says

Round 4
17 - £15,000 Charlton
9 - £75,000 Phil
22 - £750 Elaine

Banker time
That was a horrible round says Noel.

Banker's offer:

Kim's fiancé thinks that she should play on. Kim goes to Iain for some advice, and he is worried about the board for her, if it was him he would play on, but he knows what dreams Kim has for the money and £12,000 would really help those.

Kim says

Round 5
Noel says that was a very big no deal.
20 - 50p Newbie Ioannis
2 - £20,000 Emma
Kim says that she is really struggling with the boxes now, as she has kept all her significant boxes to the end.
18 - £35,000 Sarah

Banker time
Noel tells Kim that she has the worst possible 1-box scenario left now, as the only red she has is the £250,000. The Banker says he would have taken the last offer as he wouldn't have wanted to be in this position. The Banker then asks to speak to Kim, and asks her if she would be happy with £11,500, she says that she will have to think about that. He tells her that he would normally offer around £8 - £9,000 on this board.

Banker's offer:

Kim's fiancé doesn't know what to do here. Kim says that the Banker asked her to talk to him again if she intends to play on, as he doesn't want her to play on without talking to him first. Kim's fiancé says that he will be right behind her if she wants to play on. Noel calls her fiancé down to the pound table as this is a big decision for them.

Kim says

Round 6
Kim says that she was going to say DEAL, but then she changed her mind.
8 - £10 Frank
14 - £250 Iain
Kim says that this is really hard now. The Banker calls and says that Kim didn't phone him back when she changed her mind, and if she phoned him back he would have told her about the dream he had about her, and he had a dream about having to make Kim an offer involving a 3. He makes an offer for Kim to stop now...

Banker's offer:

Kim says that is so much money, and she will be able to do everything she wants to do.

Kim says

Round 6 - Final box - Proveout
3 - £1 Clare

Banker time with £500 and £250,000 remaining.

The Banker says that he wasn't totally honest, and his real dream was that Kim would win £250,000

Banker's offer would've been:

Kim thinks the £250,000 is in box 7 with Lawrence, but she tells Noel that she would have dealt at the £72,000. But if she did play on she would have swapped.

Noel swaps Kim's box 10 for box 7

Noel opens Kim's new box 7 and reveals £500

Lawrence with box 10 contains the £250,000

Kim says that she can't believe that the Banker got her. Noel says that £33,333 is not an amount to be snored at

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