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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Charlton's Deal or No Deal Game Report - 24/12/12 - Christmas Panto Specials

Charlton has box 3. Charlton is studying sports psychology, and he explains that he got into it while he was at college. We get to see a pic of Charlton and his friends on his birthday, and he has some of his friends in the audience today. He also shows a photo of his dad and brothers. The banker rings and says he's happy because Charlton is pointing at his family members with his hook from his Captain Hook panto outfit!

Round 1
The banker rings to wish everyone merry Christmas, and Noel gets a gold envelope out of the pound table. The envelope contains a holiday, and if Charlton finds the 1p in the opening round, he can give the holiday to one of the players in the wings.
1 - Angela - £250
17 - Adam - £100,000
2 - Shakeel - 10p
19 - Shakira - £1
11 - Margaret - £250,000

Banker time
"Oh whoops" says Noel. The banker laughs down the phone and everyone BOOs him. He asks Charlton who he'd have given the holiday to, and he says Ioannis would've got it, and it was a week's holiday for two to Florida. The banker sends out his panto horse to collect the envelope with the holiday in!

Banker's offer:

Charlton says

Round 2
7 - Emma - £35,000
22 - Lavinne - £10,000
20 - Jacques - £3,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Charlton says he'd love to say it's a generous offer! Noel talks about how windy sprouts are!

Charlton says

Round 3
12 - Amy-Jo - £15,000
Charlton's mum in the audience tells him that he still has some dreams left on the board.
13 - Zoe - £50
9 - Stef - £100

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Noel asks Charlton what he'd want the money for, and Charlton talks about paying off his university fees and debts, as well as travelling to Australia.

Charlton says

Round 4
14 - Peter - £1,000
10 - Ioannis - £50,000
16 - Baz - £20,000

Banker time
Noel says he doesn't really want to take this call. The banker admires the way in which Charlton's mum is still trying to encourage him, and he can see broken dreams in Charlton's eyes.

Banker's offer:

Charlton asks Mark for some odds, and he says the odds are in his favour. Noel talks about the genie's lamp twist which Charlton gets to play if he no deals.

Charlton says

Round 5
The banker rings and talks about what happened earlier with the holiday, and he says the £75k will go in the next round. Noel says this isn't the game you want for Christmas Eve.
15 - Laurie - 50p
21 - James - £750
Noel builds up the next box and gets everyone to shout that it won't be the £75,000!
18 - Mark - £75,000

Twist time

Christmas Panto Specials twist:

The magic lamp in the studio will either make the player's wish come true, or the banker's wish come true. When the player gets to 5-box, they choose one of 3 doors in the lamp's smoke. 1 door has the banker's wish behind it, but 2 doors have the player's wish behind it. If the player's wish comes true, the player can either advance one box at a time after 5-box, win a holiday or choose a present from the Christmas tree. One present has a pair of the banker's pants in it and the other one has £5,000. If the banker gets his wish come true, then he'll look in the player's box.

Charlton chooses the RED door in the smoke of the genie's lamp.

Noel opens it and reveals THE BANKER'S WISH

The blue door contains the player's wish, and the green door contains the other player's wish.

The banker's panto horse comes and takes Charlton's box away for the banker to look in it. Noel reminds Charlton that this does not mean the game is over yet. The box is returned with a black seal to show the banker's looked in it.

Banker time
The banker says Charlton has £5,000 in his box.

Banker's offer:

Charlton asks for a sweep based on what the players would do. Paul says he thinks the banker has morals and wouldn't lie about the box contents. The banker rings and says that's true, and particularly so at Christmas time.

Charlton says

Round 6
4 - newbie Jodi - £500
8 - Darren - £10
Charlton plays rock, scissor and papers to decide which box to choose now!
5 - Paul - £5,000

Banker time with 1p and £5 remaining...

Noel says that's ironic, considering what Paul said a few minutes ago. The banker says he doesn't care that he's permanently on the naughty list.

Banker's offer:

Charlton says

The banker rings and thanks Charlton, because he's never crushed a man as much as he's crushed him!

Charlton wins £5 from his box 3.

Box 6 with Sarah contains the 1p

Charlton says he's absolutely gutted, and he'll have to work a bit harder now to pay off his uni fees.

The banker rings and says he's unhappy as he wanted a 1p win today, and the swap wasn't offered when it should've been, as the swap is guaranteed when the banker looks in the player's box. To make up for it, the banker says Charlton can have a go at winning the contents of one of the boxes under the Christmas tree. One box contains £5,000 and the other contains his pair of pants! If Charlton wins £5,000, he'll also give Ioannis the Florida holiday.

Charlton chooses the GOLD box and Noel opens it to reveal £5,000

The green box contains the banker's pants.

Charlton's total win is £5,005 and Ioannis gets the holiday to Florida.

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