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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ronnie's Deal or No Deal Game Report 29/11/09

Noel welcomes us to the Dream Factory, but wonders if that is the right name for it as it could be called the 'Torture factory', and then goes into a big speech about his feelings and how no one shows him any sympathy for all the emotions he goes through in the games

Ronnie has box 2 today. Ronnie is a retired policeman and walked the beat for 16 years, and Noel jokes that was an old concept of the police actually walking the beat Ronnie talks about how he had dreams of becoming a football player but was told he wasn't good enough so he joined the army. He presents Noel and the crew a plaque from his army regiment, and Noel sends the plaque to the Banker to have a look at. Ronnie shows a picture of himself in the police, and another picture of him and his wife on their wedding day. Ronnie's wife is with him for support today. Noel thinks that as Ronnie has been in the army and police force he will have a system, but he doesn't.

Round 1
15 - £15,000 Harry
Noel and newbie Helen joke about where she comes from and there is confusion as she comes from Nottingham but was originally from Ireland
6 - £1 Newbie Helen
16 - £5,000 Freddie
Ronnie says he was determined to play the board and not have favourite boxes, but now he has remembered a couple of birthdays that he will keep. Box 21 and 17 will be kept until he feels he needs them.
12 - £250 Andy
10 - £1,000 Dan

Banker time
The Banker thanks Ronnie for the gift, and has a gift for Ronnie in return and it is a DoND plate which he nicked from the tea set

Banker's offer:

Ronnie says

Round 2
1 - 10p Peter
19 - £10 Hollie
Angela next, and she says she saw the Banker last night when she was at the bingo! She says she saw a lonely man in the corner of the room who won £50! The Banker calls back and says that Angela won £10!
8 - 50p Angela

Banker time
Noel says that Ronnie is very hard to read as his face doesn't give anything away.

Banker's offer:

Ronnie thinks about how far around the world on a cruise that sort of money would get him, but Noel doesn't think he will leave yet.

Ronnie says

Ronnie says he was very close to going then, and Noel thinks he could well go at the end of this round, but that doesn't usually work out to well for the contestant.

Round 3
21 - 1p Emma
17 - £750 Michelle
22 - £20,000 Neil

Banker time
The Banker tells Ronnie to not go any further, and he hopes to get this offer right.

Banker's offer:

Noel tells Ronnie that they haven't had a 3rd round deal for quite a while, and they also don't tend to work out well for the contestant. Ronnie's wife tells Ronnie that she thinks there is another round in the game. Harry tells Ronnie to not let any fear get to him and he has a great board at the moment. Emma tells Ronnie that even if he takes out the top 3 he will still have a strong board to get some good money out of the game. Ronnie then picks Corinne for his next box without Noel asking the question

Ronnie says

That actually shocked everyone in the studio. Noel asks the pilgrims if they saw that coming and no one did. Noel says he is very shocked by this as Ronnie still has the power 5 intact! Noel makes a point of making it clear that this is Ronnie's game and these are his decisions, even though most would play on here with a board like this.

Proveout Round 4
14 - £5 Corinne
Someone claps which sends Noel on a rant!
20 - £50 Andrew
Look at that exclaims Noel... The Banker calls and Noel says that he must be laughing himself into a heap on the carpet! The Banker says he would have phoned here and said if the next box is a blue the next offer would be £50,000!
4 - £250,000 Charmaine

Banker time
That must make you feel a little better says Noel.

Banker's offer would've been:

Proveout Round 5
11 - £75,000 Flo
This is starting to look better says Noel, and this could only be a deal a round too soon.
7 - £100,000 Gillian
18 - £500 Katie

Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:

Proveout round 6
3 - £35,000 Franny
13 - £100 Monique
9 - £3,000 Bert

Banker time with £10,000 and £50,000 remaining

Noel was hoping that Ronnie would have buried the game in that round

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens box 2 and reveals £50,000

Ronnie says that was his worry

Bev with box 5 contains the £10,000

Noel says that was a fascinating game and Ronnie will have infuriated some people.
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