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Friday, November 13, 2009

Bibs Deal or No Deal Game Report 13/11/09

Noel says there's a nervous atmosphere after Caz's game yesterday, and he says there's something more
frightening than the 1p club, and that's the NOTHING club. He says how Caz joined Daimon and Lee in the
NOTHING club. He also says the banker likes today as it's Friday 13th, and he runs through some of the twists the banker uses!

Bibs has box 17. Noel manages to pronounce Bibs' full name correctly. She is a single mum and is unemployed. Bibs says her daughter made her who she is today, and we see a pic of her. Bibs has an aspiration to become an electrician... Her sister is in the audience for support today.
Noel says he could have a big impact on Bibs, and she knows what he's up to and she runs back to her place on the wings!!! Noel rushes after her and holds an empty toilet roll above her head, and she talks about her fear of cardboard!!! Bibs throws it on the floor and Noel crushes it!

Round 1
Bibs has no system. She says Friday 13th is lucky for her as she passed her driving test first time on Friday 13th!
19 - Carl - £250,000
Bibs has a go at Noel as he often jinxes the boxes!
6 - Mary - £1,000
2 - Peter - £100
Newbie Katie now, and Noel has some banter about where she comes from.
20 - newbie Katie - £75,000
1 - Charmaine - 10p

Banker time
The banker thinks it's shocking that Noel threatened her with the toilet roll! He says he knows people have been daring Bibs to touch Noel's bum!

Banker's offer:

Noel tells the audience to 'tut' louder

Bibs says

Round 2
5 - Shaz - £10,000
11 - Anita - £50
The camera has an empty toilet roll stuck to it, and Bibs gets a shock when she realises! She tells Noel to stop being mean...
7 - Ceri - £1

Banker time
Banker's offer:

Bibs says

Round 3
Ryan now, and they have some banter about how Ryan has to explain his jokes to Bibs!
8 - Ryan - £20,000
18 - Michelle - £3,000
9 - Dickie - £500

Banker time
Noel puts the toilet roll tube on Bibs' box, and he says he thought we could watch the game on Youtube!! The banker says he's concerned about the toilet rolls and he speaks to Bibs. He promises to tell Bibs all of Noel's secrets if she takes an early offer!

Banker's offer:

Noel asks how much money Bibs needs, so she writes it in his book.

Bibs says

Round 4
12 - Emma - £100,000
21 - Craig - £750
Noel says this is a peculiar game, even though everyone's enjoying it! Noel asks what Mary thinks, and
whether she'd like some custard.
15 - Rio - 50p

Banker time
The banker thinks Bibs has done well.

Banker's offer:

Bibs says she's never had £5,000 in her life, and it could do a lot for her. She runs through what could happen with her board, and Emma gives her some advice to stay positive. Ryan reminds Bibs that she's always said she'd play her own game and wouldn't be influenced by others.

Bibs says

Round 5
14 - Ronnie - £10
10 - Rob - £50,000
Oh my god, says Bibs...
3 - Corinne - £5,000

Banker time
Bibs tells the banker that she's never had the 1p, and the banker thinks she's due for it...

Banker's offer:

Bibs says that's more than her first offer. She runs through the best/worst-case scenarios now. Noel says he
saw what Bibs wrote in the book, and she says the offer would cover that. Noel asks is the risk worth it,
but Bibs is convinced she has a red in her box.

Bibs says

Round 6
4 - Clare - £15,000
One-box game now, says Noel.
Bibs chooses 16 with Mike, but she starts to change her mind. Noel tells whoever she chooses should open the box immediately!
16 - Mike - 1p
Bibs says she doesn't want to go on! Her sister joins her at the pound table. She now tries to decide between box 13 or box 22.
13 - Andrew - £250

Banker time with £5 and £35,000 remaining...

Bibs says if he gives her a good offer, she'll be off!! The banker admires that...

Banker's offer:

Bibs wonders whether she should take the massive risk now. She says she'd be gutted if she dealt and found
£35,000 in there.

Bibs says

Bibs has £5 in her box 17

Noel says he could tell Bibs very nearly went on there...

Box 22 with Angela contains the £35,000

Bibs says her electrician course will cost £2,500, and she says she's going shopping with the rest!
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