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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Clare's Deal or No Deal Game Report 25/11/09

Noel says we're pumped up after some wonderful games recently, including Rob's yesterday. He says personalising the game cost Rob some money as his daughter's birthday box contained the £250k and it knocked his confidence...
Clare has box 8.

Clare is a midwife from London. She explains how she got into doing that, and we get to see a pic of her parents. She has her boyfriend Simon in the audience with her. Noel says Clare wants 6 kids, and she's looking forward to Simon proposing, but she doesn't want him to propose if she wins the £250k as he'd be a gold digger! Noel suggests we should get Simon to propose halfway through the game...

Round 1
Ronnie is poorly today so Ryan will open his box again.
3 - Harry - £50
22 - Andrew - £5,000
13 - Gillian - £20,000
Newbie Dan now, and he says he comes from Hull!! Noel gets Harry to shout "YEAH" and gets Dan to jump up and down
11 - newbie Dan - £100,000
1 - Peter - £50,000
Lots of sucks of air for those 2 boxes!

Banker time
The banker says over the years, he's enjoyed looking at the fear in contestants' eyes, but he's never seen so much fear in Clare's boyfriend when a proposal was mentioned. He also says he's impressed with the advice Clare has given on the wings...

Banker's offer:

Noel talks up the offer and says there are some big holes on the board.

Clare says

Round 2
4 - Emma - 50p
10 - Katie - £100
17 - Corinne - 1p

Banker time
The banker says the success of the game so far is giving him a sore head!

Banker's offer:

Clare says that's a very good offer.

Clare says

Round 3
9 - Angela - £5
Carl now and Clare talks about picking these boxes as a pair. Carl's evasive about what he'll miss about Clare, so Noel pushes him and Carl confirms it's her laugh that he'll miss and nothing else
19 - Carl - £250,000
12 - Ronnie (opened by Ryan) - £15,000

Banker time
Noel says what a round, and comments on how the atmosphere has changed. The banker says it'll be difficult for Clare to keep her game strong now.

Banker's offer:

The audience groan but Noel says that was a horrible round. Emma says the game could turn and go back in Clare's favour.

Clare says

Round 4
20 - Monique - £3,000
5 - Bev - £500
7 - Michelle - £35,000

Banker time
Clare says she always does things the hard way! The banker says one blow will finish this game off.

Banker's offer:

Lots of groans meet the offer, and someone yells out that the £75k has Clare's name on it! Clare's boyfriend says she should think about this as the board is very vulnerable. He joins her at the pound table...

Clare says

Round 5
15 - Charmaine - £250
2 - Bert - £1,000
14 - Flo - £10

Banker time
Noel says we've got yet another turn around on our hands... the banker says Simon would've cost her if she'd dealt like he'd wanted to, and Simon explains he's the sensible one!

Banker's offer:

Noel talks about how Clare believes in destiny, and how the banker could be frightened by her belief. She talks about what God wants her to win, and Noel talks about faith and destiny. Simon says that's hard cash, and he feels he should express his sensible side to her and he reminds her of what happened after Craig dealt.

Clare says

Round 6
6 - Hollie - £10,000
Noel says Clare is doing this the dangerous way.
21 - Freddie - 10p
Noel says Clare will remember this move for the rest of her life.
16 - Andy - £1

Banker time with £750 and £75,000 remaining

Noel says what a crazy game this is!

Banker's offer:

Clare says that's a hell of a lot of money. She says she believes, and Simon says she knows what he feels!

Clare says

Clare says she's brave and not stupid!

Clare has £750 in her box 8.

Box 18 with Ryan contains the £75,000.

Noel says Clare will now be able to fulfil dreams for herself and for other people.
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